We have to get AntennaPod on V4V. Just used them to subscribed to @dame_jennifer using the RSS feed on NAT. I like this new world. Thanks @agates


They need quite a few features, like alternateEnclosure support (HLS would be great), chapters, transcripts, etc :)

@keunes is likely on top of it on our behalf. It's a really great application.


Absolutely! Podcasting 2.0 creates great new opportunities. One of our community members pledged to work on chapters. I'm (slowly) discussing how the Value tag could be implemented. And there are plenty of other requests. But I'm not a developer and can only connect the dots and make mock-ups. We need more volunteers to get it all implemented. So if you know anyone, please do hit 'em up!
Our Feature Requests: github.com/antennapod/antennap

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