Soooooooo looks like Jack Dorsey went on a retreat in Myanmar, and his takeaway had fuck-all to do with what social media has done to foment the Rohingya genocide.

This is my long-winded way of saying it looks like I'm moving here.

The big chain in PH, National Bookstore, had 2 of a 6 book children's series. Munchkin likes the books she has, so I ask if they can special order the other 4. Ask 3 people. "I don't know." "I don't know." "I don't know, ask upstairs."

So I ask upstairs.

She seemed confused and then gave me an answer which I suspect was to make me go away:

"Three to four months."

It's sooooo bad sometimes how much people go out of their way not to help in stores.

Once you calculate it, it's amazing how much time you can save over a month when you stop brushing your teeth.

Well, we got acquired yesterday. 6 years of hard hard work but it feels good.

I expected today to be a flaming garbage pile but this is ridiculous

Just booked studio time for my annual Christmas record. It will be all Burl Ives this time.

How do we replace Flickr?
Flickr, like all successful social software, is different things to different people. When something is done well, we internalize the communities that we interact with on it as part of the character of the place.
#Indieweb #Yesvember

I'm kinda digging the Youtube genre where you've got various millennials giving their reaction to listening to Queen or Pink Floyd for the first time. I'm gonna do that, but for AC/DC records I've played about 500 times. "Oh wow, this riff is MIND BLOWING! I can't even!"

I don’t like to cap on other country’s oddities often. But with small businesses probably run by an absent owner, some employees just have no fucks to give and just toy with you because they can.

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At small full and self serve laundromat: “Earliest we can have it ready is 5.” “I need it earlier, can I pay for a rush job?” “No sir. Saturday is our busiest day.”

There are literally no loads of unwashed laundry. All the machines empty.

She’s the same one who said you can’t pay when you pick up, new policy. Then the next time, the guy working said “No problem- just pay when you pick up.”

At 8, Munchkin’s defiance is ratcheting up EVER SO SLIGHTLY but it is awesome.

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