hi all! i'm collecting examples of open source work that was used in a way the author never intended, especially in ways that are obviously nefarious. think lerna w/ ICE, or face identification algorithms in China. please reply or boost or DM me suggestions!

For the late night crowd: I have my first *brand new* Mastodon bot. It's available at @animorphs and it generates book covers from the Animorphs series featuring all your favorite celebrities

thinkin 'bout starting my own masto instance that's just the masto equivalent of the quiet car, plus shouting, minus fascists

weird that the same dudes who remember every nanosecond of their high school football careers also come out of the woodwork at every rape allegation to tweet that memory is fickle and unreliable

what if we all just did a little ecoterrorism. like just a little bit

still mixed about this year's xoxo BUT i now stan lizzo to the end of time so i guess it was at least a massive success

tfw you realize you've been misspelling the latin phrase at the core of your novel for the past TEN FUCKING YEARS KEVIN HOW


A little late on this (I already spoke) but I'm on the live Community Call for Code for Science & Society. You can watch my face (and listen to interesting people who are not me) here youtube.com/watch?v=3zXTQjQbRe

Live notes (including a summary of what I talked about and Q&A) here: public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/

in celebration of Labor Day, British spellings, and Constitutional minimum age requirements, I designed this t-shirt: teespring.com/this-foetus-is-a

*catches butterfly* is this my future career?

Breaking Wind: Legendary Farts pitt.edu/~dash/fart.html "At last the bridegroom was summoned.... He rose slowly and with dignity from his divan; but in so doing... he let fly a great and terrible fart. [...] Mortified, [he] turned away from the bridal chamber and [...] went down to the courtyard, saddled his mare, and rode off, weeping bitterly through the night. In time he reached Lahej where he found a ship ready to sail for India; so he boarded..." this is the saddest/most relatable story ever

@darius @aparrish “Thanke God quoth Sir Edward Hungerford/That this Fart proved not a Turdd” wow wowwww


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