@junglestrike @lambadalambda @sonya Yeah, but the whole social model embedded in the technical model is that you migrate to an instance that shares your value, freedom of association style. But when migrating servers means rebuilding your entire social graph.... that doesn't really work.

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@kevin_redacted @sonya @lambadalambda @junglestrike Would be nice to find a way to piggy-back off our existing social networks, and speed up the migration. Nonetheless, it's easier to tie in Mastodon into other open source software, than it is with twitter or facebook. Re: P2P identity, I'm thinking about mixing it with Identifi.


Also can't be sure that provider will be around for the long term.

Also also, can't be sure that social dynamics / code of conduct of the instance you choose will stay aligned with your values.

@kevin_redacted @sonya @lambadalambda @junglestrike it should be possible to migrate with your followers, no? As in, that does not sound like rocket surgery...

@sonya @junglestrike @kevin_redacted @lambadalambda ah, but that should also be fixable. old instance sending "hey, this is the new instance for user X" to all followers, followers' instances just switching seemlessly.

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