Somebody fill me in on is the belief that it's less censorship-y than mastoDotSocial based on anything?

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@kevin_redacted the instance [as heard through the grapevine] blocks a lot of hosts [gnu social instances] i can not confirm this though, it's only what i've heard.

@kodo Yeah, I'm aware of that. I'm curious though what makes ppl think is better. Do they have an official anti-censorship policy or something?

@kevin_redacted don't have any idea. I've heard the coc is pretty small. I haven't actually read it though.

@kevin_redacted it doesn't domain-block places like

@kevin_redacted Pretty sure it's not blocked. People over there said they could see me on timeline. they could be dirty liars tho so your guess is good as mine. we asked their admin to release blocklist but i don't think that ever went anywhere.

@kodo @kevin_redacted I'm actively getting new .social follows so I'm sure it's not blocked

@kevin_redacted Yes! See and

...while silently mutes some instances from Federated Timeline, or defederates them completely, I prefer the more transparent, free-speech oriented policy from the maintainer at the above links.

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