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Boost if the first character of your password is 'a'

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I really needed another platform to find infosec papers I will bookmark for later and never open

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FYI, the "swiftonsecurity" on Mastodon is not the real SwiftOnSecurity from Twitter.

Just saw my first pepe meme on here. So that happened.

Aaaaaand... there's also no way to un-RT after an accidental click.

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I know how this is gonna go, infosec is going to start running their own federated servers & those are probably a trap

With all these high-profile, high-volume tweeters showing up, we're gonna need Lists sooner rather than later.

Oh ffs, "th3j35t3r" just joined. That didn't take long for this place to be infiltrated by 5eyes.

Blazing hot take 

Mastodon is a psyop by Twitter to convince the public that decentralized, federated social networking can't work.

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@maiyannah @sonya @kodo Just now realizing the extent of how much was cordoned
off on the masto social instance

So, there doesn't seem to be a way to un-favorite something here. Odd.

When Jeong's article drops, there's gonna be an influx of users that makes today look like nothing. Really hope there's some coordination going on behind the scenes to make sure there's capacity to handle it.

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Guide to new Mastodon users: the furries control the east block, the French control the exercise yard, and the infosec people and gamerdevs have forged an alliance

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Dear that just arrived. If any of you have the means and knowhow to set up your own instances, that would greatly help the load!

Me, days ago: "It's really irritating that Twitter has had >60second notification lag for the last week".

Mastodon: "Hold my beer"

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