I like how DPD seem to surface information about the product you're having delivered so they can speak about your delivery in context.

Cyberpunk returns irregularly but unfailingly to public consciousness whenever social society crumbles a bit more, capitalism tramples hard-won rights, and the rich swallow up entire countries in their insatiable maw.

The 'Man' always needs taking down. Always.

A Bagful of Dragon: a new paranormal urban fantasy from Sakina Murdock.

Pre-order your copy or read the first chapter free at abagfulofdragon.com

I'm sure everyone comes up with ridiculous names for their subscription plans, right?


(It's way too easy to edit these, so expect late-night inspiration to trigger early-morning renaming.)

My Asiatic Lillies are looking great this summer.

From three flowerheads last year to this year's explosion of sunshine.

My two little demonic buddies (and Libreture Co-Executive VPs of Marketing) are 12-years-old today.

Born: 6/6/6

Happy Birthday you little gits!

And the Asiatic Lilly has more than double the heads growing this year.

Should be amazing flowers.

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If you're planning on taking your e-reader to read in the park or at the beach, grab your Bookbuddle to keep it safe.

Happy Reading!

I've listed common e-reader sizes here, so you can request the right size for your device.

Jules is happy to make custom orders, so consider one for your tablet, paper books, etc.


Been taking some photos on my DSLR to use as promo assets for Libreture.

Grabbed quite a nice one of my Bookbuddle.

Rum & ginger (Jeffersons rum, Rochester ginger) and the daddy of them all, a Tunnock's Teacake.

Because I'm worth it.


Watching the Arrow Films edition of The Manchurian Candidate (1962) that arrived today.

I used to have it on VHS that I'd taped from Channel 4 years ago.

An amazing film and a great DVD transfer by Arrow, and definitely Angela Lansbury's most sinister role.


I typed 'google' into the new Libreture search box... everything still works. 🤷‍♂️

Bit of a let-down really. mastodon.social/media/YzASHoVW

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