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This coming Saturday is Free Comic Book Day!

If you're lucky enough to find loads of free digital comics, you can keep them all safe in your own Libreture library.

Start any paid plan on and through the following week and get 50% off for 6 months!

Quick (possibly controversial) Reader Poll:

When recording your reading activity, would you use a status of 'Paused' to record the fact you had stopped reading a book while you read something else, with the intention of returning to it later?


"The benefit regime is so harsh. They say people don’t have targets on benefit sanctions but it’s all semantics – there is an expectation on staff to cut benefits."

@switchingsocial any advice for podcasting which isn't a surveillance capitalist sh*t show? Will pay if necessary. Grateful for your efforts :>

Anybody running a home #Mastodon instance or extremely low population instance? How you liking it? I'm considering it.

It's been a while since we've hosted a #readinggroup session.

Is anyone interested in reading and discussing "Everything for Everyone"?

Here's the loomio poll to see if/when folks would be keen:

"Can Anyone Live in Full Software Freedom Today? Confessions of Activists Who Try But Fail to Avoid Proprietary Software" by Bradley M. Kuhn and Karen Sandler (FOSDEM 2019 video)

Thought-provoking talk. I'm not sure if it gives me relief (that I'm not the only one who struggles with this) or despair (at the impossibility/absurdity of the whole struggle).

Since seeing this comic a long time ago it has really changed the way I interact with the world around me, I now say "Thank you" rather than "sorry".

I stopped apologising for existing and for taking up space as a result I have stopped minimising myself.

Today's Deal of the Day from DriveThru Fiction is Writing Creative Nonfiction by Gerard, Philip.

More than thirty essays examining every key element of the craft, from researching ideas and structuring the story, to reportage and personal reflection.

DRM-free and 50% off!

Libreture is an online e-book and digital comic storage service.

Kind of like if Dropbox and Goodreads had a DRM-free baby.

Yes, it's a centralised approach (for now), but I'd love for app and site developers to consider integrating with it through its existing feeds: RSS for activity and OPDS for books.

OPDS particularly for readers to provide a list of their books to other services they use, eg. for reading stats or syncing to e-readers.

Have at it!

Join for FREE!

If you find human rights in tech an overwhelming topic/don’t know where to start, I really recommend David Meyer’s Connected Rights newsletter.

It’s easy to read, and David’s recent use of “positively homeopathic fine” made me spit coffee down myself.

Also very informative about what happens to your data when you sign up to the newsletter!


@dtluna @humanetech @aral I actually know that regulation does work. The way I know this is because getting food poisoning in a restaurant or with store-bought food is extremely unlikely.

That's not something "the market" solved. That's regulation.

#Funkwhale 0.18 “Naomi” is out!

And it's huge (check out the changelog if you don't trust me ;)

This release is dedicated to Naomi, an early contributor and beta tester of Funkwhale. Her positivity, love and support have been incredibly helpful and helped shape the project as you can enjoy it today. Thank you so much Naomi <3

I like how DPD seem to surface information about the product you're having delivered so they can speak about your delivery in context.

I've been adding loads of old goodies to my Libreture library over the last few days.

PDF artbooks, comics and extras from computer games and kickstarter pledges. Stuff I haven't looked at in ages, since it's been sitting on a file server.

Now I can see the covers and browse each book in my library, with much more chance of downloading it to read.

Today's Deal of the Day from DriveThru Fiction is Shadowrun: Drawing Destiny (Tarot Anthology) from Catalyst Games.

Drawing Destiny is the latest original Shadowrun anthology, featuring twenty-three original stories about a brand-new artifact.

DRM-free and in multiple formats for all devices.

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