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You can listen to Wikipedia edits turned into Ambient music in real time.

Wondered why images from an @pixelfed atom feed showed up in seemingly random order.

Then remembered I'm parsing items from the feed asynchronously, therefore the order can be different each time when not sorting afterwards!

Just integrated @pixelfed into my new eleventy website!

Think I can release soon, it's almost done! :)

@dansup hey there! I was testing integrating latest posts from Pixelfed into my website but can't find a "official" way. Is there no public api?

I could parse my profile and extract the info directly from the HTML but that seems very hack-y! :D

A small CafΓ© near me has these reusable, rentable cups instead of single-use cups. Basically you register with an app and then can take the cup with you and later return it to the same store or any other store that supports the system.

I'm not a fan of the App part, but otherwise this seems like a good alternative to single-use cups. Of course you could also just buy a reusable cup and take it everywhere!

#coffee #onthego #reusable #safeplastic #environmentfriendly β˜•

I've spent a lot of time moving my website from Hugo to 11ty, a static-site generator written on JavaScript. Almost done!

Alright folks, final notice:

Today I am moving to @kevin 🚚 πŸ”œ

This profile will be setup to point there later today.

Final #Fallout76 BETA dates:

Tomorrow, November 6th, 1pm - 3pm ET

Thursday, November 8th, 2pm - 8pm

Not sure if I can play tomorrow but I'll 100% play on Thursday. Anyone wanna join me on #PlayStation? I'll also stream without commentary on

#fallout #psn #beta

Weekly reminder that my new profile is @kevin!

Please follow me there from now on, this profile will be set to redirect there soonℒ️.


I am moving to another instance soon! 🚚 πŸ”œ

Please follow me at @kevin

This account will be set to redirect there soon. ❀️

I made a bunch of headers to use on my #Mastodon profile.

Feel free to use any of them for yourself if you want to!

Color schemes via @accessibleColors <3

#geometry #art #free

Has anyone got their #Fallout 76 codes for #PS4 yet? I'm more than thrilled to join the B.E.T.A but I haven't got my code yet, so I guess I'm missing out on today's test? :(

It's apparently not so good to recreate a Mastodon instance with the same address and same user.

I created my own instance and @kevin is somehow broken / out of sync and shows the old test account (for me at least).

Any advice @Gargron? Anything I can do?

Trying out as default browser in an attempt to move away from Chrome.

Let's see how this goes! Anyone using Brave?

"Die Dunkelheit darf niemals siegen" - Frittenbude

Der erste neue Song seit 2015 wenn ich mich nicht irre. Sehr sehr Gesellschaftskritisch. GefΓ€llt mir.

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