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In case you missed it: I made a Shortcode for , a static site generator. Embed all the toots into your posts!

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Wanted to watch a documentary today but the Documentary section of Netflix is pure trash. Lots of low quality non science stuff, some even conspiracy material.

Ended up watching "Stephen Hawking's Universe" on YouTube instead.

Die AfD will am 2. November in #Bottrop im Berufskolleg eine große Veranstaltung abhalten, inkl. Alice Weidel und Jörg Meuthen.

Leider hat sich die letzte Demo in BOT ("Mütter gegen Gewalt-Demo") als ziemliche Pleite in Sachen Gegenprotest herausgestellt, insbesondere mangels Information/Mobilisierung.

Daher die Bitte - verteilt die Info!
Außer @Korallenherz hab ich glaub ich im Ruhrgebiet keine wirklichen Links in Richtung organisierte Antifa.

Ich hab echt kein Bock auf Nazis in Bottrop.

Is there a browser API to connect multiple devices that are in the same WiFi / local area? For example 4 people on 4 phones use a local connection to interaction with each other. Maybe Bluetooth?

Does anyone have any experience or a lead? A quick search didn't bring up anything usable.

What's your of choice?

I want to get completely rid of WhatsApp. In the past I've used and live it but I'm concerned because it's maintained and run by a single entity. It's centralized.

Tried to use but it's the same: Open Source which is great but still run by one entity.

I'm not surprised to see G+ being discontinued. It's been a long way coming and it's rather typical for Google to discontinue it's social media platforms.

Google is doing way to much and tries to crawl into every space and niche but it's impossible to be good at everything, yet they keep trying to no end.

I just hope people come into the fediverse now and enjoy the "new" social media landscape(s).

There's a new #PeerTube instance run by @deadsuperhero called VidCommons which is dedicated entirely to #CreativeCommons and #PublicDomain works:

You can also follow its channels on here:



It's just started so the selection is still limited, but it's gradually building up.

There's also a new tracker-free website run by @kinosocial which has selected CC/PD films from PeerTube and

#Videos #Movies

The plugin is alive. You can now use it at

Don't hesitate to open issues or suggestions.

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Gotta love . He built a shredder into the frame of one of his prints to shred it should it ever be on sale. :D

This is really a move "for the players".

Super glad they decided to open up a bit.

BIG news! is beta testing with - starting today!

This means that PS4 players will be able to

- Cross-play with friends on XBox, Switch, Mac, etc.
- Login with their PS4 Fortnite account on XBox, Switch, ...

I'm not playing Fortnite (actively) but I hope this feature comes to games like Paladins. \o/

Es ist Mal wieder Zeit für eine neue Folge : Thema diesmal , das Domain Name System.

My team is hiring!! Two people!!!

Come help make the npm cli better, make better, and help break new ground in package management with!



You can follow me on @pixelfed, the photo sharing app by @dansup.

Soon to be federated I think. 🎉

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