I'm not used to creating characters, but Tiff feels like the first fully realized character I've ever written, and she's a terrrrrrrrible person (I love her). This is my first turnaround, and a preview of what I'm doing for the Planetside Anthology!

And the final design is done now too! Phoenix kingfisher and aerides orchid with gold foil!

Rough sketch of this year's holiday card! Almost finally done!

I had to take a break from these to thumb nail a comic so I’m feeling a little rusty! But he’s still cute tho!

Excited to show off the first entry in a new series of pins I'll be making with friends called Pinned Together! This one will be with @dashiellsilva and will have an accompanying print for the first 50 preorders!

Hi!! I'm Emily Cheeseman, an illustrator/graphic designer/comic artist drawing fantasy and folklore. I play a lot of D&D.
🔹 twitter: emcheeseman
🔹 portfolio: emilycheeseman.com

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what's up! I'm a freelance illustrator and mostly make fantasy comics with lgbt+ characters ✨

The comic I'm working on rn is called Finding Home, it's about relationships, anxiety, nature and magic, and it just updated today!

also I'm a big #dnd nerd, ready to talk about star trek or answer questions about comicsy/etsy stuff :)

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Hey Guys, I'm Andy Bennett a London based Illustrator who likes to draw street fashion and bois. Talk to me about DnD, concept art & sad music.


Heya! I'm Kevin Jay Stanton - a freelance illustrator obsessed with flowers, D&D, and tarot. Have a tendency to get really excited about other people's work and create big projects with lots of people that go a bit wild! Working on the Minor Arcana of a tarot deck too!!
🌿twitter/IG - @kevinjaystanton
🌿website in need of updating - kevinjaystanton.com


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