People are asking me to implement webmentions, and since I don't have a strong opinion on it (it would not be hard to implement), here's another poll:

Webmentions are like blog pingbacks, essentially, if you remember those.


- Blog/website authors know when their stuff is discussed on Mastodon
- More links towards Mastodon from outside


- You may not want blog/website authors to know that you are discussing their stuff, lol

@Gargron the other way of thinking about this is more federation. Webmentions are not like pingbacks, they're like mastodon notifications. How about framing the question in user terms:

Would you like Mastodon to connect notifications to a broader range of websites?

@kevinmarks @Gargron Could links work like they do currently, but send a webmention if you use a special syntax? Then a user can opt in to #webmentions on each post, which gives the user maximum control and there are no additional options in settings.

e.g. []

@0x1C3B00DA @Gargron this is extra burdensome though. Public posts make sense for this, and maybe hiding them in CW too, but adding yet another variation seems too much authoring overhead

@kevinmarks @0x1C3B00DA if the reason blog authors (indie web) want webmentions in mastodon is to know when people talk about them, then making this feature opt-in is a waste of time: it's an obscure feature, nobody would know to enable it. people don't even know they can enable GIF autoplay here.

@Gargron @0x1C3B00DA I agree - opt-in is not great, but a per account setting feels reasonable for those who are more private. Fritter goes even further than this, not showing http images in frets (as opposed to dat ones) unless you opt in to load them.
mastodon possibly showing incoming webmentions in notifications is also an interesting case.

@Gargron @0x1C3B00DA the other use for webmentions (as well as link to a post for a like, comment etc) is to mention a person - the way @ works in mastodon. mentioning my homepage is a person tag in indieweb parlance.

@kevinmarks @0x1C3B00DA but people don't perceive blogs as people, strictly speaking.

@Gargron @0x1C3B00DA yes they do - there is a pattern of citation of blog URLs to refer to the blogger that goes back to the dawn of blogs - it's a very natural thing to do I wrote about this about 10 years ago:

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