the Gillette safety razor company definitely delivered on their 1910s slogan of "no stropping, no honing" given that we now aren't sure what those words mean


@jk you don't remember those '90s ads with the Gilette Giraffe on the jet bike that would blast down a 'hone sweet hone' sign and skywrite 'can't strop won't strop' while a startled businessman dropped his straight razor in the toilet and his wife left him so his toupee spun around with a whistle noise? how can you not remember whatever the fuck I just typed

@kevspace ah yeah! i dont remember that one, but i remember the one where the giraffe poured a whole bunch of loose razor blades into a bowl and said, "They'rrrre Great!"

@jk did you know the Mach 3 saved them from bankruptcy after settling the FDA lawsuit and that's why they don't sell Razormallow Alpha-Bits anymore? I learned that from VH1's 'I Love The Windows 98 CD-ROM Easter Eggs: Pop-Up Video (Boop!)'

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