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With all the new people coming to Mastodon, I'll do another quick #introduction Show more

(If you read the paper, be warned for the bizarre and completely-out-of-left-field sexism that shows up at the end.)

As a linguist and person interested in esoterica, I of course had to read the new Voynich decipherment paper. …I genuinely don't understand why this one is getting traction. It's not even one of the better attempts.

My swimming advice is that you should always be repeating the name of the stroke you're doing as you swim, aloud if possible, as a redundant reminder that helps keep the details of the stroke in your head. This is called Hungarian Natation.

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I need to do pixel art practice more often. Here's a quick book, candle, and wooden mug.

I love webcomics and I have been reading them for just shy of 20 years now, and I still cannot explain why so many webcomic artists produce such bad T-shirts.

Proposal: a system to enable creators of tequila-based cocktails to fund their work with small monthly donations. You could call it Show more

"cat ra"???? actually her name is bastet

Another thing I'm doing as part of my several-week break is taking a multi-day train ride, sleeper car and all. Here is the view in the Sierra Nevada mountains right now.

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I'm not 100% sure what people mean when they respond to my Slack messages with :pray:, but my mental image is always that guy who went to an M:tG tournament and took photos in front of visible buttcracks, kneeling, with his hands clasped and a look of silent desperation in his eyes.

On Monday, I noticed that something was causing xmobar to crash for me. I thought about investigating, but instead I've written a barebones xmobar replacement in Rust. So yes, my unemployment time is going great.

I had an idea this morning, so here's the rough draft of a one-page RPG about apprentice wizards inventing spells to solve problems, inspired by a specific magical item in The Adventure Zone.

My plan for my first free day is mostly cleaning. My plan for tomorrow is to do some reading on personal project planning—a thing I am terrible at—and then figure out what projects I want to tackle during these free weeks.

Yesterday was my last day at an old job, and my first day at the next job is in a month, so this is the beginning of my Four-Week Funemployment. I think the last time I had this much contiguous free I had just finished high school.

The most puzzling and inscrutable diner chain out there is probably D'ni's.

proposal: a farmville-like game implemented on top of the activitypub protocol. you could call it..... CornFed

What is a `man`? A miserable little pile of `troff`.

if you made zucchini bread but formed it into a twisty roll shape, would that be a

gourdian knot

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