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I'm trying to suggest naming the conference rooms at our new office after categories from the "Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge", mostly because I want to have all my meetings in 'Those That, At A Distance, Resemble Flies'.

Proposal: a Harvest Moon-like game with a calendar that, like the French Republican Calendar, features a unique plant, animal, or tool for each day of the calendar year, c.f.

Some quick four-color pixel practice.

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✏️ a blog post about Rust, special cases in language design, and why I don't like the `try fn` proposals: blog.infinitenegativeutility.c

There are a lot of ridiculous bits of Overwatch lore, but my favorite is that, in canon, the substance that Roadhog huffs to restore his health is called… Hogdrogen.

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@enkiv2 @jamey @natecull @alanz After this conversation yesterday, I decided to write up a blog post that has some concrete code examples and a slightly longer but still introductory explanation of what row types are specifically: blog.infinitenegativeutility.c

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My favorite part of @keweddji's newest blog post about programming (blog.infinitenegativeutility.c) is the sample program which is valid Ruby source with duck-typing but can also be statically type-checked by the Crystal compiler.

My second-favorite thing is it's a post about duck typing that uses animals in examples but doesn't mention ducks anywhere.

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oh yes also i did some pixels recently

It's easier than you might think to get this working (although right now I've got the framebuffer size hard-coded, and I need to fix that to make it more robust):

Yesterday I started to set up Plymouth, got bored, and instead wrote my own boot animation by using Rust+Cairo to write directly to the framebuffer until my login manager has started. This is a pretty good example of my problem-solving approach.

Some Sunday afternoon yak-shaving: a quick-and-dirty `dmenu` application launcher using XDG Desktop Entries instead of using stuff from $PATH: … (written hastily, largely untested, requires Python 3.6 or later)

OH: "Creating a new font in the course of completing a (non-typographic) project is called 'Knuthing it'."

I tried my hand at one of those things: I'm Getty, and I bounce sporadically between ink, paint, pixels, vector art, and block-printing.

…it's worth pointing out that this documentation also has to include the following:
1. some pointers about virtualenv
2. a link to the shellcheck bash linter
3. an explanation of a defunct Scala HTTP library
4. a couple of systemd commands
5. some of the details of Jira's REST API
and that's just scratching the surface!

Trying to write some honest documentation for the absolute worst piece of software I have ever written (and which some poor non-me person will soon have to maintain.)

Good bookstore find at lunch today. (Powell's DOES have an Esperanto section, but it's usually only six books or so.)