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With all the new people coming to Mastodon, I'll do another quick #introduction Show more

tooting in Old English is also known as "being þorny on main"

idea: an opera about early 2000's internet culture. you could include some really striking l33tmotifs

Here's the newest installment of my culinary world-building flash fiction project, this one about Gnomish food:

Late last night—after midnight, in fact—I realized I couldn't remember the word 'midnight' and instead called it 'dark noon', which I think I like better.

I've got another post which explains some of the rationale behind these fragments ( but the other part of it is I just really wanted to write culinary fantasy flash fiction.

I've started writing small fragments of standalone fantasy world-building. The first one is about the cuisine of the dwarves:

…I hate to be an Open Source Grouch, but I have never once had a Linux computer break in a literally unrecoverable way, while my first MacBook apparently needed a full disk wipe within six months.

I spent this morning at an Apple Store waiting for them to diagnose what was wrong with my work MacBook, which had somehow ended up on a loading screen that alternated between saying "200% complete" and "2 of 1" with no further explanation. (We ended up just doing a fresh OS install.)

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a good way to announce that you got a sweet new car is, "just call me Gloria Mundi, 'cause I got some sick transit."

The colors right now are mostly for me, to help me remember which things I've converted to use the semantic markup. I'll probably keep some colors, but use a more conservative color scheme in the final product, and with the intention that the pages should still look fine in black-and-white.

I've been doing a frankly unnecessary amount of prep for a Dungeon World game I'm planning to run, which has involved reworking parts of the core rules and playbooks. So—naturally!—I'm also rewriting the core playbooks in LaTeX with an unnecessary amount of semantic markup to indicate move names, move conditions, tags, spell names, &c.

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If you create a webcomic, podcast, fanfiction, or other web-published creative work, could you fill out this short survey for me? Thanks! (boosts appreciated!)

The metallic-gel-pen-on-black-paper plotter experiments continue. I love how these are turning out.

Today's plotter experiments involved metallic gel pen on black paper, and I'm really loving the effect of this (although I clearly need to experiment more with line pressure.)

Here's a big map plot I did today. I'm not super happy with some of the style features, but it's definitely a start.

I've started plotting simple random geometric images from a little crap library I've thrown together. It's really satisfying to watch code like this turn into physical drawings.

My AxiDraw showed up today! So far, I've just tried little things, but over the weekend, I plan to do larger plotter-ey experiments.

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