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With all the new people coming to Mastodon, I'll do another quick #introduction 

coffee update 


Anyway: you know what would be cool and I don't have time to create? An Animal Crossing-like video game with server federation, so you can have a shared home village on a server you run but also visit friends on or send letters other servers.

I regularly think, "Oh, I should have a public place where I can informally write notes about my various projects," and then I remember that I am on Twitter and Mastodon and Tumblr and all of them are basically about informal rumination, and then I don't post anything on any of them.

Lots of classic D&D spells are named after the wizards who invented them, like Tenser's Floating Disk, Mordekainen's Faithful Hound, and Mike's Hard Lemonade.

…weirdly, Mastodon knows that it _has_ posts, but it apparently doesn't know how to show them, leading to contradictory "21 toots" and "No toots here!" messages.

I've moved one of my self-hosted blogs—my now-mostly-non-technical one that I rarely use—over to WriteFreely, so it should in theory be Fediverse-compatible, but while I can follow it but I can't see any of its posts, and I have not yet figured out why. (Its account is @getty, incidentally.)

Found some code I wrote when I was learning Python more than a decade ago. It still runs! PyLint isn't terribly thrilled with it, though.

selfie, eye contact, wooden mallets 

i found out in code review today that i wrote some code that was accidentally quad-rat-ic


sometimes i get an idea in my head and it just won't leave until i make it a reality, so anyway, i made this today

My money-making idea for Slack: they should let people pay for Slack Classic UI, which is just Slack as it existed around 2016. Monetize rolling back your usability regressions!

…I think I've tooted variations on this sentiment like four times already, but I've felt it several dozen times in between each tooted version.

It's just deeply disappointing to see some beautiful art intended for a video game that depicts a place I want to explore and inhabit, and then dig in a bit deeper and learn that the game is all about fighting some monsters.

Unnecessary Fantasy Grousing 

Unnecessary Fantasy Grousing 

Anyway, I love mushrooms (both aesthetically and culinarily) and I love messy watercolors.

Back when someone gifted me disposable shot glasses that look like red Solo cups, I was just offended that they so greatly misjudged what kind of person I am, but luckily it turns out they're great water containers for painting.

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