i'd love to use mastodon to talk about personal interests, since it feels so much more cozy than twitter. i wonder if anyone is around?

@rx I check it daily and occasionally still toot myself, but I still haven't gotten in the habit of tooting, like, a lot. I probably should! Unlike with Twitter these days, I actively look forward to opening up Mastodon.

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@keweddji twitter is certainly worse for my mental health. i always like your posts, though, since you always have something interesting and different to show off 😄

as i get less burnt out and into a better living situation, i want to teach myself to make more one-off art projects and things that are just for fun

@rx I'm kind of having to relearn that myself. I had a period of stressful work tumult and then started at a new job (which is much better for me but changing jobs is always stressful) and in the process I got out of the habit of doing one-off projects and I'm only gradually rediscovering how to balance work and non-work. I need to rediscover how to blog, too.

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