What made the original Star Wars cantina scene so good was how it was unexpected and wild, how it showed a world where even some crappy bar a town over could be filled with alien things you've never seen before. So it's sadly ironic that every new Star Wars has to include an obligatory cantina scene and it's gotta have some of the same alien extras in it.

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@keweddji I think it carried an impressive amount of weight. It was wild, and exciting. But it was also a great blend of fun (a band!) and scary (people don't like Luke). The way Ben, Luke, and Han each carried themselves there was entirely distinct, and resonated with me even as a child.

@keweddji it's also fanservice, isn't it? given the sheer amount of money involved in making these movies, the studios tend to be somewhat risk-averse, and it's easier to play cargo cult and copy the trimmings than to do something new.

that, and it's (unfortunately) not news that some fans can be a little crazy

@daskeit Oh, it is 100%, and it's not really surprising, either: there's a lot of money in fanservice. Plus, copying the superficial trimmings of something while not fully capturing what made the thing special in the first place is common to lots of adaptations and sequels, sometimes even when the sequel is by the same person or team.

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