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I wouldn't want every game to be written like this, but I genuinely love that Apocalypse World's rules are written like this. (This is from the Show playbook, one of the extended ones.)

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I've been doing a frankly unnecessary amount of prep for a Dungeon World game I'm planning to run, which has involved reworking parts of the core rules and playbooks. So—naturally!—I'm also rewriting the core playbooks in LaTeX with an unnecessary amount of semantic markup to indicate move names, move conditions, tags, spell names, &c.

The metallic-gel-pen-on-black-paper plotter experiments continue. I love how these are turning out.

Today's plotter experiments involved metallic gel pen on black paper, and I'm really loving the effect of this (although I clearly need to experiment more with line pressure.)

Here's a big map plot I did today. I'm not super happy with some of the style features, but it's definitely a start.

I've started plotting simple random geometric images from a little crap library I've thrown together. It's really satisfying to watch code like this turn into physical drawings.

My AxiDraw showed up today! So far, I've just tried little things, but over the weekend, I plan to do larger plotter-ey experiments.

Proposal: a Harvest Moon-like game with a calendar that, like the French Republican Calendar, features a unique plant, animal, or tool for each day of the calendar year, c.f.

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I tried my hand at one of those things: I'm Getty, and I bounce sporadically between ink, paint, pixels, vector art, and block-printing.

Trying to write some honest documentation for the absolute worst piece of software I have ever written (and which some poor non-me person will soon have to maintain.)

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