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oh yes also i did some pixels recently

I tried my hand at one of those things: I'm Getty, and I bounce sporadically between ink, paint, pixels, vector art, and block-printing.

Trying to write some honest documentation for the absolute worst piece of software I have ever written (and which some poor non-me person will soon have to maintain.)

Good bookstore find at lunch today. (Powell's DOES have an Esperanto section, but it's usually only six books or so.)

Well, I've got a tentative name, a printed rule pamphlet, and am just about to put together a proper campaign for play-testing!

Following on from this I have started working on putting together an entire tabletop game where all character-building and item management is done with similar 4"×1" cards. Gonna run a test game pretty soon.

Small project: algorithmically-generated skies in the rough style of Steven Universe's backgrounds. I'm still working on them, but I already like how they're looking. (Using Rust+Cairo.)

Today I learned:
1. Plymouth—the software for displaying graphical loading animations for Linux systems—has its own custom scripting language, and
2. This dynamic type union thing is a feature of that scripting language:

I'm doing some basic experimenting with SpryTile, which is a lot of fun so far.

I'm experimenting with keeping track of inventory in D&D using paper slips instead of rewriting and erasing items on a sheet. …I also just really like making little things out of paper.

Next time I run a tabletop game I'm gonna use this enemy list:

the operator for when you're not completely publicly out but you still want to convey to other queer people that you're queer

I am gonna cross-post my drawings here, too, 'cause I like putting my creative stuff on Mastodon. Day one: Lúcio, my typical character choice in Overwatch.

…I made this for a reason and I completely forget what that reason was, but I still like it anyway:

I've always wanted to decorate my home as if I were an NPC in an indie game, so I also was working on doing some stencils for geometric hanging flags tonight. I like the design, but I discovered I can't skimp on the stencil materials. Next attempt coming soon.