coffee update 

The concentrated cold brew is finished! The thing I was replicating was Funranium Labs' Black Blood of the Earth, but as that's a Brand Name™, I'm thinking about giving my preparation a distinct name—I'm thinking maybe Trismegistus.


I'm making triple-infused cold brew! Specifically: I'm filtering cold brew using a Büchner flask and an automotive vacuum pump, then using that cold brew as the base for another cold brew extraction and then filtering that, and then once more.

…weirdly, Mastodon knows that it _has_ posts, but it apparently doesn't know how to show them, leading to contradictory "21 toots" and "No toots here!" messages.

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Found some code I wrote when I was learning Python more than a decade ago. It still runs! PyLint isn't terribly thrilled with it, though.

selfie, eye contact, wooden mallets 

…two different people independently gave me wooden mallets today, for two different reasons.

i found out in code review today that i wrote some code that was accidentally quad-rat-ic

sometimes i get an idea in my head and it just won't leave until i make it a reality, so anyway, i made this today

Anyway, I love mushrooms (both aesthetically and culinarily) and I love messy watercolors.

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Back when someone gifted me disposable shot glasses that look like red Solo cups, I was just offended that they so greatly misjudged what kind of person I am, but luckily it turns out they're great water containers for painting.

old selfie, food 

It's years old at this point, but I stumbled across this picture of me eating a candy orange slice and I I still really like it for some reason. It really captures… something, at least.

I need to do pixel art practice more often. Here's a quick book, candle, and wooden mug.

Another thing I'm doing as part of my several-week break is taking a multi-day train ride, sleeper car and all. Here is the view in the Sierra Nevada mountains right now.

I'm not 100% sure what people mean when they respond to my Slack messages with :pray:, but my mental image is always that guy who went to an M:tG tournament and took photos in front of visible buttcracks, kneeling, with his hands clasped and a look of silent desperation in his eyes.

I had an idea this morning, so here's the rough draft of a one-page RPG about apprentice wizards inventing spells to solve problems, inspired by a specific magical item in The Adventure Zone.


Ended up cooking into a sukiyaki-ish meal of whatever I had on hand, including pork, gai lan, carrots, enoki, and udon. It's some of the best tofu I've had, honestly—I'm gonna have to keep making it at home more often.

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Made tofu from scratch for the first time today. I forgot to take photos of the soymilk production, so these photos include the curdling, the cheesecloth in the mold, the actual pressing (with help of a wine bottle), and the finished misshapen tofu disk.

death and bodies (implied, in a heavy metal kind of way) 

The same playbook—roughly speaking, the class that lets you play as the flame-guitarist from Mad Max: Fury Road—also has some of my favorite evocative tabletop writing, because all the songs you can play are described like this:

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I wouldn't want every game to be written like this, but I genuinely love that Apocalypse World's rules are written like this. (This is from the Show playbook, one of the extended ones.)

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