Someone on birdsite suggested that the movie Clue is perfect and cannot be improved in any way, which is a motivated but wrong opinion, because Clue could be improved immeasurably by replacing the final word of the movie with 'husband'.

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People think the preferred drink of spies is the vodka martini, but it's actually the John le Vieux Carré. It's just a Vieux Carré that someone has tinkered with, which means it might not be tailored to your palate, but I'd suggest ordering one and soldiering on with it if you ever spy one on a menu.

@jamey …I mean, I did end up telling him what it stood for. He then gave me a free breadstick as thanks. (This was the now-long-closed pizza place at the food carts on SW 5th in Portland.)

…probably the hardest I've ever been owned by a total stranger is the time I walked by a food cart and the owner shouted at me, "Hey, you! Can you tell me what TARDIS stands for? You look like you'd know."

@jamey When I get my nails done, I usually get a shiny buff on my fingers instead of color: it means there's no polish to remove later (which I am very lazy about) and there's no waiting for them to dry but you still get the manicure experience otherwise. (At some salons it might cost slightly more, but usually on the order of $5 or so.)

I finished Death Stranding last night and here's my theory. some point, you get cans of a beer called 'Timefall Porter', but its logo uses a pale amber color and your character chugs it a can at a time. My theory is that Hideo Kojima doesn't know what porters are besides 'a kind of beer' and assumed they were probably just like typical lagers.

@daskeit Oh, it is 100%, and it's not really surprising, either: there's a lot of money in fanservice. Plus, copying the superficial trimmings of something while not fully capturing what made the thing special in the first place is common to lots of adaptations and sequels, sometimes even when the sequel is by the same person or team.

What made the original Star Wars cantina scene so good was how it was unexpected and wild, how it showed a world where even some crappy bar a town over could be filled with alien things you've never seen before. So it's sadly ironic that every new Star Wars has to include an obligatory cantina scene and it's gotta have some of the same alien extras in it.

Sometimes you attend a wedding where the ceremony reflects the participants' belief system which is deeply alien to your own but you participate cheerfully nonetheless. For example, the wedding I attended today positively invoked Stan Lee during the ceremony.

I believe that the existence of Java, JavaScript, and ECMA script implies the existence of a fourth secret programming language called ECMA. This kind of logical inference follows from the so-called 'Waluigi Principle'.

Why call it "Goldeneye 007 multiplayer mode" when you could call it "Super SMERSH Bros."?

@rx I'm kind of having to relearn that myself. I had a period of stressful work tumult and then started at a new job (which is much better for me but changing jobs is always stressful) and in the process I got out of the habit of doing one-off projects and I'm only gradually rediscovering how to balance work and non-work. I need to rediscover how to blog, too.

@rx I check it daily and occasionally still toot myself, but I still haven't gotten in the habit of tooting, like, a lot. I probably should! Unlike with Twitter these days, I actively look forward to opening up Mastodon.

A good name for a linter for linker scripts would be Koholint.

(To be clear, so far I haven't accidentally boosted any bad opinions: just, like, personal status updates and out-of-context toots from other people's conversations. I just can't help imagining the worst, though.)

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My nightmare scenario here is like the British sitcom version of Mastodon, where I obliviously boost the worst possible opinion while believing I've boosted a cat picture.

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As someone who is not comfortable with touchscreens (as I only got my first smartphone ½yr ago!) I still regularly accidentally fav or boost things and only discover this later. So far, it's just mild awkwardness/embarrassment for me, but I am terrified of real bad repercussions from it some day.

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The concentrated cold brew is finished! The thing I was replicating was Funranium Labs' Black Blood of the Earth, but as that's a Brand Name™, I'm thinking about giving my preparation a distinct name—I'm thinking maybe Trismegistus.


I'm making triple-infused cold brew! Specifically: I'm filtering cold brew using a Büchner flask and an automotive vacuum pump, then using that cold brew as the base for another cold brew extraction and then filtering that, and then once more.

@acowley This is very true, but at the same time, I've had experiences in the past where idle public notes on what I'm working on have led to new directions or at least good conversation. I wish I knew how to get the advantages of that openness without the disadvantages of, well, social media in general.

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