If you're on the run from the Time Cops, that makes you a Tempus Fugitive.

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waluigi has a certain... je ne sais wah

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I wouldn't want every game to be written like this, but I genuinely love that Apocalypse World's rules are written like this. (This is from the Show playbook, one of the extended ones.)

tooting in Old English is also known as "being þorny on main"

idea: an opera about early 2000's internet culture. you could include some really striking l33tmotifs

Here's the newest installment of my culinary world-building flash fiction project, this one about Gnomish food:

Late last night—after midnight, in fact—I realized I couldn't remember the word 'midnight' and instead called it 'dark noon', which I think I like better.

I've got another post which explains some of the rationale behind these fragments (blog.librarianofalexandria.com) but the other part of it is I just really wanted to write culinary fantasy flash fiction.

I've started writing small fragments of standalone fantasy world-building. The first one is about the cuisine of the dwarves: blog.librarianofalexandria.com

…I hate to be an Open Source Grouch, but I have never once had a Linux computer break in a literally unrecoverable way, while my first MacBook apparently needed a full disk wipe within six months.

I spent this morning at an Apple Store waiting for them to diagnose what was wrong with my work MacBook, which had somehow ended up on a loading screen that alternated between saying "200% complete" and "2 of 1" with no further explanation. (We ended up just doing a fresh OS install.)

@shock There might be some leftover nonsense from my other versions (which has some rules modifications and expansions) but I think this correctly reflects standard Dungeon World: github.com/aisamanra/dw-playbo

(Also the LaTeX is awful and hacky, and I'm still gradually improving it.)

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