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...I should convince him that his paper book is just yesterday's fiat knowledge.

I am across a bus aisle from a dude reading a print book about Etherium. I did not realize that the blockchain crowd even knew that paper existed.

Today I was working on rebindable keys in the chat client I work on, but I kept forgetting that I had rebound keys and would accidentally shut it down mid-message. Today was not a good day for braining.

Update: have acquired more linoleum blocks and paper for some quick-and-dirty chine-collé.

(I also read recently about chine-collé and now need to get some colored tissue paper so I can experiment. I do miss when I block-printed more.)

After some mild friction on a software release last week, I've started work on a new tool to facilitate (but not automate) generating changelogs from git logs. As a tool for trimming logs, I have of course named it: bunyan.

I'm doing some basic experimenting with SpryTile, which is a lot of fun so far.

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Things I did on Thanksgiving:
· Wrote a small Rust implementation of an existing data format
· Used that data format as part of specifying a board game I'm writing
· Spent the day lazily with my partner, who made amazingly delicious bo ssam
· Made three new cocktails, and a few old ones
It was a very good day.

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revolving_hearts 💞 is the official compersion emoji.

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Pancakes and coffee in my belly, bo ssam in the oven, sausage-cheese balls on the table, Alice's Restaurant on the radio, @keweddji on my couch. Happy Thanksgiving!

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I just arrived after driving from Portland to Denver. 16 hours total, spread across two days. I don't do it much (for many reasons) but I genuinely love solo long distance drives.

I'm experimenting with keeping track of inventory in D&D using paper slips instead of rewriting and erasing items on a sheet. …I also just really like making little things out of paper.

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I wrote a short, opinion-heavy blog post about a particular rhetorical tendency in functional programming circles and why it bothers me: blog.infinitenegativeutility.c

…has someone built an RSS reader with Google Reader-like social features that are OStatus- and therefore Mastodon-compatible?

…'cause that'd be a good project idea.

@jamey Becoming a reference librarian sounds like kind of an indirect career path. Maybe you could move out of a borrowed context and become a value librarian.

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