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Some awful Silmarillion puns I will probably never illustrate:
· Yavanna White
· Tickle-Me-Ulmo

I am gonna cross-post my drawings here, too, 'cause I like putting my creative stuff on Mastodon. Day one: Lúcio, my typical character choice in Overwatch.

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289,858,919,123 TAIL CALLS

…I made this for a reason and I completely forget what that reason was, but I still like it anyway:

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I was negotiating a contract since February to support my work on my open source C to Rust translator (, but last week I learned that the client painted themselves into a corner in which they couldn't legally let me do work for them in the open. (Don't ask.) Hell no.

I really want to work on Corrode. Should I try Patreon or similar? Any rewards I can think of are things I'd do for free. I just want a recurring tip jar for those who can afford to chip in…

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Now that I've learned that there's an Esperanto-language Mastodon instance, I need to come up with my username for it. Considering poŝtaĉfaristo ('the bad post maker').

I believe that people are secretly downloading and using unreleased Lisp implementations from my hard drive. This is my cons-piracy theory.

…a thing I kind of want to try now is running a D&D campaign whose maps are drawn with invisible ink, so I can touch those areas with heat and reveal the map as the party explores.

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pro-tip : If you don't want yo pay artists and get drawings for free, here's a way to do that !

establish communism so that no one will ever need money to live and therefore the artist you want drawings from will be able to draw without asking for money

I've always wanted to decorate my home as if I were an NPC in an indie game, so I also was working on doing some stencils for geometric hanging flags tonight. I like the design, but I discovered I can't skimp on the stencil materials. Next attempt coming soon.

I haven't had a lot of time for art-related stuff recently, but today I worked on a tiny Haskell library for quick-and-dirty algorithmic pixel art:

I'm not 100% in love with this art style—it's kind of bland—but it works pretty well for prototyping, at least.

I've thought in the past about making a vaguely Animal Crossing-inspired gardening game, so I've started writing a prototype in Löve and working on rough-draft pixel art for it:

…been a while since I did any pixel art work, so I practiced with some fake video game tiles:

(This is in part because I want to address my Fantasy Pet Peeve where nearly all fantasy conlang names sound basically identical except that elves have more L's and dwarves have more G's. "Hail, traveler! I am Arlan the Elf, and this is my companion, Argan the Dwarf.")

Something I've wanted to do (on my massive, massive project list) is to write a tabletop RPG sourcebook that doesn't include rules or mechanics, just world-building: specifically, details about peoples, their languages, their traditions, their cuisines, and so forth. But, y'know, something more nuanced and interesting than "Elves ❤️ Trees; Dwarves ❤️ Rocks".

A bit late, but here's my :

I'm Getty: I work as a computer science researcher, and I've got backgrounds in linguistics and in PL theory. On a non-computer note, I also do writing (both fiction and technical) and art (mostly ink, block-printing, and pixel art).

I also post bad jokes as @aisamanra on Twitter, post some art at thefireattheshoemakersestate.t, and write sporadic posts about interesting semi-technical topics at

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