And so we enter the . Support for all instances is coming soon. We're just waiting on more of the Keybase community to update to the latest versions so all of these new proof options will look good in the UI. Thanks for your excitement!

@keybase Yay, i'm glad to hear that support for all instances is coming, especially since I run my own!

Amazing development! Thanks for sharing our #fediverse passion and progressing the platform!

@keybase I am excite! Our instance is ready when you are.

Just updated keybase and see several more Mastodon instances were added.

We can not stress enough the importance of allowing ANY / ALL / EVERY Mastodon instance to be supported.

I am hoping that the Mastodon list is completely removed and you just prompt for the user's mastodon profile. I am not really clear why that isn't already the case.

Is there an alternative to the Google play store to get your app?

@julian nothing officially supported. there have been attempts to build from source for android with mixed success. you could hop into the keybase team `keybasefriends` and ask in there.

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