@keybase This is so cool! I've upgraded my Mastodon to 2.8, but now how do I get it added to the list of supported sites in Keybase?

@aran we'll make sure your instance is included in the next batch.

@keybase You probably won't want to include mine, it's just a single-user instance, I just thought it was something we could do ourselves.

@keybase keybase chat send Acct "message", there is a bug that can not be sent if the domain name contains a hyphen (ERROR Invalid key-value identity). #keybase

@keybase nice! I think the nametag field is incorrect though because it states your username is "keybase@mastodon.social" on "mastdon.social" while it should be "keybase" on "mastodon.social".

Is that going to be the case for all future proofs? Is it recommended to split by the @ character? Are there any plans to streamline the proof_type field to be "reddit.com" instead of "reddit"? #keybase

@keybase Thanks for adding additional proofs like Mastodon. I created an account due to your announcement. Pretty cool platform.

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