[brands spotted while watching Bones S04-06] TOYOTA PRIUS

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a sum 🀝 All your efforts
being able to amount to nothing

[webinar in a corporate phone room brands] nalgene, Purell, Kleenex, zoom, expo

[sick on the couch brands] nalgene, netflix, gerber, springbok, Milton Bradley, Steve Jackson, cobble Hill, Nintendo, ravensburger, idk what else I'm tired

[I really need to clean my desk brands] planters, CVS, amex, Apple, Crest, Kardashians, TJ's, Amazon, Kleenex, trident, star market, Aveeno, Purell, US postal service

[in a meeting brands] Vizio, Google, Apple, [company],

[lunch brands] Canada Dry, Snapple, Falafel King, Nantucket Nectar, Coke, Pepsi, Pellegrino

[in bed] idk who made these sheets so no brands to speak of. Oh wait sleep number

Thought experiment: when was the last time you heard the Phifer sloppy?

[conference room brands] Purell, sharpie, Google, Apple, Herman Miller

[office brands again] Kleenex, Brave, Kardashians, Staples, orbit, nalgene, Crest, Apple, CVS, Texas instruments

[back at work] current brand interactions: orbit, etymotic, by Chloe, CVS, Aveeno, crest, Staples, Apple, Evernote, slack, wooooooo

[on the bus] current brand interactions: osprey, Uniqlo, Spotify, Brooks, h&m, Apple

Current brand interactions: Uniqlo, gstar, Charmin

Currently interacting with brands such as: gstar, fashionnova, superdry, "signature select" (star market white label), Netflix

Think of the tender things that we were working on

Currently interacting with the following brands: Polar, Vaseline, H&M, Uniqlo, Apple

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