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Setting up your own k8s cluster sounds like fun until your making helm charts to some obscure stuff because apparently developers hate themselves. Or something.

Why is this stuff still so complicated?

my game opinions are such trash right now, by way of illustration im really enjoying diablo 3 season 15 right now suck it nerds

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Trying to explain the difference between a platform and a project solution to business people is quite frustrating

Reading online news, 2008:
- go to website
- read news

Reading online news, 2018:
- go to website
- no, don’t share location
- hell no, don’t send me notifications
- consent to cookie warning
- consent to policies
- no, don’t open in app
- no, don’t want the newsletter
- skip inspirational quote
- close full page ad
- read news

Bittorrent is all about sharing in abundance as fast as possible, Blockchain is about preserving ownership through inefficiency

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That SSH vulnerability is seriously messed up. It's basically this:

Bad guy: *knock knock*
SSH: "Who's there?"
Bad guy: "It's me, a good guy!"
SSH: *unlocks door* "Well come on in you silly goof!"

How does this even happen?! It's so ridiculous that it feels like it was probably intentionally planted in the project by someone nefarious.

Some idiot screws a screw into my motorcycle’s tire and I almost crashed because I lost my rear. I’m terrified and furious at the same time. What on earth would motivate someone to do this?

For the first time in years I feel like writing in a different language than Python.

Damn you google

Writing go for the first time.

I’ve missed pointers.

People waiting 5 min in line for an elevator instead of taking one flight of stairs.

Society has reached a new level of laziness.

Winter is coming.

What? No I’m not referencing anything. Just look outside. It’s cold and it’s raining and cycling is a lot less fun. Literally winter season is coming.

I hate it when dev ops don’t give you ssh access, or logs but expect you to debug their servers error. Pfff. Are you there to actually help or are you the host of a guessing game I apparently am forced to play.

What happened to Linus?! This is an amazing and positive development. His unprofessional-ness is legend.

Just finished rewatching “Thor: Ragnarok”. My take away from the second viewing is that Tessa Thompson should get her own Valkyrie movie. There is so much potential there.

These women are badass, strong and will kick your ass on a climb. Great video. Also I feel like riding now. Well done!

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