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i deadass forgot this existed omfg

the notebook makes me literally sob every single time

my sister is making me watch the notebook at 8am let me die real quick

i wish we had dms on here

i tried like 3 apps for mastodon and all sucked so im sticking with using it on my laptop

i have exams coming up but all ive been doing lately is watch movies with my sister

i slept for like 5 hours i am a zombie

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my twitter is @woifle feel free to follow me

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to everyone who knows their dad and he's shitty or doesn't know their dad (for whatever the reason)

i hope you have a lovely day, and you are under no obligation to like or participate in father's day.

klamille is literally one of the best ships ever and if you disagree you're wrong

i really need to get my sleeping schedule fixed, it's 4am and the sun is literally coming up and im still awake

the originals suck without camille

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straights at pride: love is love is love is love!
straights in front of their homophobic friends: well i mean yeah but like actually i do see why you'd think that but like i mean

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retoot this if you like Sense8, Shadowhunters or b99 i need to follow more people

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Off topic but watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine it's such a funny and good show

i still havent figured how this really works lmao

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retoot if you often curl up in bed fully dressed while contemplating the fact that depression already robbed you of years of your life and it's only getting worse

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what sexism is: not supporting a woman because she IS a woman
what sexism isn't: not supporting a woman because she has harmful views on certain issues