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milica @khaleesi

the notebook makes me literally sob every single time

my sister is making me watch the notebook at 8am let me die real quick

i wish we had dms on here

@colorsofcleo i have an android and tusky is the best for it but whenever i tried to authorize it itd free on the loading part and exit the app so i tried a few other apps that SUCKED

@brownmattb it does :( i tried like 3 different apps but they were all slow and annoying me so i deleted them

@brownmattb whenever i was suppose to authorise it wouldnt work like itd be loading for ages and then just exit so after redownloading like 5 times i gave up

i tried like 3 apps for mastodon and all sucked so im sticking with using it on my laptop

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Toot if you love and support trans lesbians

i have exams coming up but all ive been doing lately is watch movies with my sister

@colorsofcleo she hates klaroline but cares more about money than her character clearly which is gross

i slept for like 5 hours i am a zombie

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@colorsofcleo i literally saw an interview where julie said she was basically waiting since the beginning of the originals to bring in klaroline like lady imma need you to stop im also mad at candice for agreeing to join the originals after saying she hates klaroline for YEARS

@colorsofcleo klaus wouldnt be the person he is or the father he is if it wasnt for cami and the fact julie plec ruined all that just cause she wants an abusive ship to be endgame is disgusting.. that woman is literally the devil and the worst fake feminist ever she claims to be feminist but supports abusive ships and kills of women just to give depth to male characters yikes!

@colorsofcleo exactly!! he tried to get to know her and she shut him down.. people are literally so delusional and only ship them cause they think caroline is pretty but lets face it camille is superior to caroline in every possible way

@colorsofcleo whats your @? so i can follow back

@colorsofcleo klaroline is abusive af and it was literally all physical i mean.. u dont just fuck someone u respect in the woods 😂

my twitter is @woifle feel free to follow me