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npm: because crowdsourcing the stdlib is a good plan

So, after the keysigning event at I have managed to sent enough e-mails in quick succession that GMail stopped accepting SMTP connections from msmtp – twice.

Hope all the recipients will receive the signatures :)

First ever talk given!

Software Collections – When you need *all* the versions
@ Fringe Dojo

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Likely controverisal take:

Languages with first-class package managers that make it really easy to use dependencies are a case where ease-of-use and usability might be actively harmful. It encourages developers to NOT audit their dependencies, and eventually leads to node_modules, which eventually leads to leftpad. Having fewer dependencies because adding depenedencies is annoying is not actually necessarily a bad thing.

@tristan957 @sir That one got me confused until I figured out that it forbids inclusion of headers in *other headers*. Not sure how or if to rephrase it.

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@sir Well, I wasn't, so for the record... :)

Anyway, it's hard to tell sometimes if the toots are just rants or not, so feel free to ignore me.

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@sir I'm getting Internal Server Errors when submitting the purchase… Speaking of libre e-ink apps, do you know about any open-source/libre firmwares (OSes) for e-ink readers?

Since I upgraded my PocketBook, backlight settings stopped to work, so I am looking for possible alternatives…

@cwebber As I native Czech speaker, I can confirm that.

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"One plus one is zero."
"I'm a programmer and I moved a couch yesterday."
"My arms are tired."
"I can't carry anything right now."
"I'm a computer programmer and I camt carry. One plus one equals zero."
"... I hate you."

Few neat tips on enhancing textual communications, wrapped in a rather amusing keynote:

I have to say I really like listening to talks by Brandon Rhodes, they are one of the most well made and presented I have ever seen.

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Not really sure about system fonts, but for the download I do like FontSquirrel (

And tangentially, for choosing a font, was invaluable to me on last occasion.
Granted, they do link to Google Fonts, but all linked fonts should be libre and in many cases downloadable from elsewhere.

Apparently, mobile browsers are spelling nazis and refuse to accept 'wiewport' in place of 'viewport'.

I should return my English certificates.

I just spent about an hour digging into internals, because the filter `slice()` does not work as Python slices (`[:x]`) 😑

Can anyone knowledgeable enough enlighten me what the slice filter *is* for, then?

Since I usually work mainly at CLI, I usually did not bother to switch to browser to toot if the inspiration hit me.

Lo and behold, there is an client, and now I can toot to my hearth's content:

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