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Twitter. You know. It's like Mastodon but centralized.

YouTube. Like PeerTube but centralized.

Facebook. Like but centralized.

WhatsApp. Like Matrix but centralized.

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#TIL It takes at least two weeks to distribute the ballots for the Greenlandic national election.

For one voting location the trip requires two flights, a car ride to the ice cap and dog sled from there.

For once I have found a problem where e-voting might be a viable solution.

In Danish:

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Morning, lovely people.

I know it doesn't always feel like it, but you're going to be ok. Yes, it feels overwhelming and you're going to get sad, upset, etc and all of that is ok. Feel what you need to feel.

But you're going to be fine. You're just growing. And sometimes that hurts.

Hang in there. You're not alone.

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I'm #actuallyautistic and I've been #mute for months.

Forcing everyone around me to learn sign is not working as a solution, and forcing myself to speak is an extremely difficult task.

Several weeks ago I managed to say, "Hi." to a person very close to me, and that in if itself was incredibly strenuous. At this point I WANT to talk, but translating that into the mechanical action just doesn't happen with out expending so much mental energy that I'm wrecked for hours or days afterward.

#Advice is welcome.

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Help Prevent Bullying with Sesame Street’s New Autism Book by Sesame Street Yellow Feather Fund — Kickstarter

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There's a trending Hacker News thread where people share their favorite accounts to follow. Come share yours!

Mine are:

@Chrishallbeck (webcomics artist)

@lumen (writes jokes)

@Gargron (creator of mastodon)

(author of ActivityPub)








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