@kheya [image description: still image of Columbo (the TV detective) with a caption "Just one more thing.... when you were 'discovering' America, was there anyone else there at the time?"]

@emacsomancer thank you, i need to get in the habit of that. i'm not sure if i've got any way to add the caption post-posting

@kheya No worries - I just try to caption uncaptioned images if I boost. Not sure what interface you're using to post - some of them don't make adding image descriptions easy.

Also, as an afterthought to the original post, I can't help but be reminded of the /Red Dwarf/ line....

"You know, Christopher Columbo, the bloke in the dirty mac who discovered America."

@emacsomancer lol thank you for that line as well! I love Red Dwarf but don't have that one in my memory banks :) Is that a Lister line?

@kheya I think it was Rimmer. It's in one of the first two seasons, maybe the episode with the gender-flipped world.

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