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Many have asked if I am attending this event. I am not. I typically only attend campus events with educational value.

I encourage everyone attending to educate themselves about the speaker. I urge all students -- especially female students and Muslim students -- to stay safe.

@laura hey, could you please create custom emoji for the following image

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@khoshik Hindutva is quite new in India history. It is a uniquely modern phenomenon, unimaginable in premodernity.

I don't know what the future holds, but I can tell you this -- Things will change, because things always change. To me, an inclusive India free of the shackles of Hindutva is a glorious vision, well worth trying to bring into being.

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10,000 people charged with sedition case in one Jharkhand district.

What was their crime?

They installed stones engraved wd "5th schedule of Indian constitution" which grants special autonomy to Tribals.

Talking abt constitutional rights is sedition.

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THREAD: Why is Rutgers University hosting, an Islamophobe and a sexual predator on campus on Thursday?

We urge and all other campuses hosting Agnihotri to rescind their invitation--here's why:

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@khoshik @Gargron Not just internet. Schools, hospitals, shops are all shut down. Phone, newspapers, internet, TV all blocked. If someone is I'll even next door neighbours don't get to know, let alone calling a doctor or ambulance. Hospitals that are open are running out of medicines and the stored essential items are getting depleted. I'll not say a word about what Army is doing there.

My first verbal abuse on , I've reported the guy, let me see if @Gargron takes any action. Show us you are different than twitter.

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Everytime a country that is accused of violating human rights is asked questions their first sentence is how some other community also sometime in the past was treated unfairly. This is not a defense but actually a confirmation that the country is violating human rights *NOW*.

I don't know why Govt of India keeps sending people to talk about Kashmir pandits because that is totally irrelevant to what is happening now and is actually a confirmation of allegations against India.

@Mastodon you'd now work on a proper Android application.

@Gargron Kashmiris are cut off from internet from past 100 days due to state imposed lockdown, they'd have loved Mastodon. Kashmiris are one of the top victims of hate online. A message from you would mean a lot to them :-)

is a brand. If you want to promote anything - be it fascism or liberalism, just look towards India. Eg, . Nobody knew about it much, a step into India and now it's roaring.

I'm spraying my personalities everywhere. This time, on Mastodon.


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