@Gargron more than 100 days of lockdown in Kashmir.

@Gargron there's also internet shutdown, so people there aren't aware of anything like Mastodon

@khoshik @Gargron there are about 8 millions people, 🐦 site has removed millions of tweets.

@khoshik @Gargron mostly false news ...tweets about Kashmir....
Speak with u r true name

@khoshik @Gargron It's best if we actually get what the actual issues being faced by people. Of course there are good things out of it too but people shouldn't suffer in anyway. Everyone should show solidarity with all the people of Kashmir. They r our brothers and we should extend all possible support

@srinithy @khoshik @Gargron so there was no suffering before lockdown ? Such idiotic posts won't make any difference. Lockdown is only in particular section of Kashmir, rest of J&K is free and lock down is for a reason , we know all the reason. We all love Kashmir, so the change that's been brought forward will take tim to settle down for the betterment of India and J&K .

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