Man Mastodon is also dangerous in some sense. I accidentally clicked on a 'sensitive content' and was fumbling to re-haze it. 😭

On first fumbled click, I managed to enlarge it. God should be cautious.

I keep my home office door open, and my family walks in on me all the time.

Ref. Prev boost. I deleted Facebook years back. Miss my friends/relatives/etc sometimes. But like not being 'always-in-touch' mode. Now when I get in touch, it feels good again.

So happy to finally take the plunge and #DeleteFacebook. Good riddance to a scourge of the web.

The contrast between the attention Anna movement got, and the one JNU is getting.

I think, public support/activism is a scarce commodity. Anna, Kejriwal et al, wasted it. And may be it will take some more years for people to believe.

Meanwhile bhakts continue to have a field day.

The toot tide has surely ebbed. Hope there will be more. And frequent.

Have deleted my twitter profile. May go back, may not.

During those times, that is after being suckered into a long discussion on the phone, I miss the days of costly phone calls, from std/isd PCOs, when a 10 minute important call used to deprive us of 100 Rs (which used to be a lot!)

On that note: The only real negative fallout of cheap communication is that someone could take just 2 hours of your time, for some casual stuff on the phone.

I value serendipity. But too much of a good thing. Like "being in touch" is also not a good thing. As we learned since 2007, the early days of social media. :)

However good a friend is. These days, no one should just call anyone unplanned*, I think, if not in regular touch. One good friend called during the movie. Had to just msg him back. And now of course, I don't feel like calling back.

Often people say, "I'll call you". Some how, it feels not respecting the other person's time to me. I prefer, and say. "Let's plan & talk some time". Other person's availability should not be assumed.

* Emergency/urgencies exceptions of course

Good movie Bala. Makes you realize, the ugliness you had, and still have. The hypocrisy in society. In you. And good comedy.

Re: "Should they have cast a dark skinned woman, than darkening Bhumi Pednekar". AFAIAC, whatever is on screen looks good.

Also progressive cinema. Ending is good - trusted audience' maturity.

Rating 3.5/5

Going to watch Bala... Bala, Bala, Bala 🎵

FWIW, I have not taken health insurance for over a decade. Conscious decision. After reading this article[1] and some others.. Won't recommend for every one though. Every one, must make up their own mind, and honestly check their affordability of not taking.

Full article. Quite entertaining also[2]


I didn't read this thread[1], when tweeting about insurance earlier.

USA like health insurance system, will destroy India's health care (whatever it is there of that is).


And I seriously care for my laughs. And of late his anger provides lot of laughs. :)

Nassim Taleb is definitely an insightful thinker, and has offered several unique ideas. Have read his Antifragile book, and know his ideas of 'fooled by randomness' etc.

But of late (like past 5 years) his twitter persona is rather obnoxious. Obsession with Fat Tony, anti-intellectualism (under the guise of IYI), dead lifting etc, is hilarious.

His TL reads like a parody.

But I dare not say it on Twitter, as he is very vain. And searches on his last name to block people :)

Talking about alignment of incentives, between two parties. A car maker wants you to buy the car and drive. So you pay to get the car. Perfect alignment of incentive.

Whereas, an Insurance company, wants you to make a premium, but not make a claim (ideally). So don't think, the incentives align.

But the problem is there. So cooperative is best, as incentives align. We pool the risk, to reduce the burden on a single entity.

In a cooperative based insurance, there is bound to be mutual competition to make a claim, in order to be "more healthy". And things like counselling (due respect to serious sufferers) can easily be abused.

But for serious illnesses, which no one wants even to make a claim. No competition. That kind of cooperative insurance will be win-win. And incentives will align. No gofundme et al embarrassment while battling a serious illness. No bankruptcy due to health.

Yesterday, watched Hasan Minhaj's Netflix show S5E1 (Psychiatric parity in health care).

I felt 'for profit' insurance, can never work. As incentives never align. Insurance has to be cooperative based.

Also there should be different health thresholds of risk, one should be able to buy. Example 'serious health issues only' or 'everything'. Problem is 'everything' can be abused easily.

Going to have my breakfast now.

Saturday is a running day. So usually its around 12pm by the time, I have my first meal. Today everything was a tad late.

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