This morning I felt a twinge of guilt because I have been neglecting mstdn. Then I realized I hadn't been neglecting it, I had been set free from the need to use a social platform by it. Ironically.

Mstdn rocks.

@linux Watch my new video tutorial covering installing .Net Core CLR and writing Hello World using VSCode in Linux!

Rewatching the //Build keynote held in March, and thinking, hmmm...we should have picked up that MS was putting some fingers in the GitHub pie...

I hate being intelligent. Why couldn't I just have been blissfully ignorant?

Even more hardcore now. Who needs a Desktop environment when you have everything you need in a muxing terminal?

I love this place, it's like a centralized journal where everybody is nice. You all rock. :)

Just fyi for those seeing pubip and going o.O it's fake bruh.

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So this is my main laptop at the moment. I love the crap out of this DE, so customizable and so easy and efficient to use once you get used to it. Thanks for introducing me to cool retro term and thanks for introducing me to tiling window managers. This year has certainly been a year of awesome Linux discovery for me.

Vandag is 'n nuwe dag, en ek begin vandag nuut.

Vanmore weer nie in die beste geestestoestand nie...maar dankie tog vir goeie vriende.

Sunday morning coffee shop coding, I think this is going to become my thing. Loving every second!!!

It's official, my Facebook account has been 100% deleted! :D OH YEAH!

@shannonmorse I love your show! I've learned so many linux. Much terminal. Such HAK!!! WOW!!!

Keep it up. You the bomb. I want a WiFi pineapple for my birthday, gonna see if I can convince the old wifester. ;)

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