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i had plans to color this one in once. then i didn't.

the end.

my roommate's reaction to this was to whisper "the small one got big" and it's the only response i value, really

i've been neglecting my masto account so... here are two good boys

a perfect long boy and the bathroom fixtures i am avoiding drawing

@melgillman i got contacted by a buzzfeed lady who's writing about the van scivers, do you want her email? (i asked if she wanted to hear from other people and figured maybe either you or another denver-located cartoonist would want to contact her?)

how is my sleep schedule still fucked up from a nap i took like two weeks ago = _ =

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thoughts on drawin smut Show more

thoughts on drawin smut Show more

smut from january vs smut from december

i have grown so stronk T - T

i gotta stay relatively sfw on the main because of future/newish freelance stuff but i also wanna post wangs so

break time and work stretch

and then i just don't care anymore

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