trying to tell if i'm ugly because of the neanderthal genes or the eating disorder

@coolboymew Stay armed, you never know when a sporting event in Philadelphia will break out

every time someone posts a selfie i am glad i was blessed to look good

(preparing to fight a guy. he strikes a pose, and the words 'total life obliteration' appear floating next to him)

is that good

hey guys for your text editor do you use Viggen or AWACS

pegging is actually the name of the creator. the act is known as Pegging’s Monster

is racket just the Scratch of lisp, or is it actuslly useful? want to know if i should learn racket or chickenscheme

"Functional programming be like"

submitted by _may_rest_in_peace_

when will somebody make CLOSOS whoever does i will marry

"if you learned anything in this video, let us know what it was"

do i need to read books 1 through 1983 to understand 1984??

person with five close friends and knows the names of the entire school: damn i have no friends :(

my autistic ass who literally hasn't talked to a human being other than family and customers at work for four days: haha we're the exact same!

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