In Agrigento (Italy) policeman abuses two persons in a migrants' reception center and forces them to hit each other.

Just to remember that even in Italy there are serious problems with racism and abuses by police, fostered by years of impunity.

Facial recognition system is arriving also in Italian cities (Como is one of the first).

Among the thousands of reasons because it is a very bad idea, here one more: FRS are often racist!
(Article shared by Rashida Tlaib on 🐦)


Precisiamo una cosa. #Statue e odonomastica sono una faccenda politica e hanno a che fare con la costruzione della memoria "collettiva", non con la storia. La pretesa di imporre una memoria collettiva (quale che essa sia) è un'azione di potere. Liberarsene è legittimo.


Une vue du ciel pour comprendre l'ampleur du rassemblement historique d'hier à Paris, première date d'un mouvement mondial qui ne fait que commencer. Prochain gros rdv à #Paris samedi ! #BlackLivesMatter #JusticePourAdama #GeorgeFloyd #Adama #ViolencesPolicieres

migrazioni nel Mediterraneo in tempo di pandemia 

In questa intervista, Matteo Villa spiega come è cambiata la migrazione nel Mediterraneo ai tempi del #covid19 e delle misure emergenziali, come sono cambiate le rotte, quali sono i nuovi ostacoli che le persone migranti si trovano a dover affrontare e quali gli attori che agiscono su quelle rotte (in assenza totale di ONG).

(se non volete leggerla, è possibile ascoltarla dal podcast: inizia al minuto 15 ca.; dura meno di 10 minuti)

#migrazioni #migranti #Mediterraneo

"Language doesn't matter - said Alexandre - Someone once said that his only homeland was his language, but I think those are bullshit. Language is a muscle. It helps to be in the world, to gain respect. If you use it well, or you meet someone who knows how to use it, then you have fun. Man's homeland are the germs of his saliva."
(Luciano Funetta, Dalle Rovine)

Finland's 2-Year Test of Universal Basic Income Concludes that it Doesn't Seem To Disincentivise Working and Benefits Recipients' Mental and Financial Wellbeing

The world's most robust study of universal basic income has concluded that it boosts recipients' mental and financial well-being, as well as modestly improving employment.

«È di un modernismo digitale che abbiamo bisogno oggi. Una sensibilità etica ed estetica capace di rompere con le regole del design delle piattaforme, di creare frizione nelle interazioni».

Un interessante articolo di Flavio Pintarelli su «il Tascabile»

After a more than a month, I came back to the bookshop in my town.

All Italian editions of:
- The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin
- Saga vol.2 by Vaughan and Staples
- Staying with the Trouble by Donna Haraway
- The Empire of the Dream, by the Italian novelist Vanni Santoni

"What emerges is a Left that operates without either a deep and radical critique of the status quo or a compelling alternative to the existing order of things. But perhaps even more troubling, it is a Left that has become more attached to its impossibility than to its potential fruitfulness [...], a Left that is thus caught in a structure of melancholic attachment to a certain strain of its own dead past [...]."
W. Brown, "Resisting Left Melancholy"

I (re)watched Tarkovsky's "The Sacrifice". Imho, one of the saddest and beautiful movie I've ever seen! Also, the last film of one of great director in the history of cinema!

(if someone wants to watch it, it is entirely available on youtube)


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