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My preliminary schedule for 2019Q1 

- Jan 14: Rust Cologne
- around Feb 4-8: Rust All Hands in Berlin
- around Feb 18: move to Gothenburg

reply here or send an email if you want to meet me! :)

today in random struggles: i have a type that is approx. `Arc<Mutex<Vec<Arc<Mutex<Inner>>>>>` and the drop impl of `Inner` isn't called when i expect it to be. i can almost feel there is a better way to this… 😅

Wrote a post for Rust 2019 but I'm not happy with it yet. I think I'll let it rest another day.

I was cold, but instead of going to the radiator and crank up the temp I just switched to my closed headphones. Just in case you were wondering what I'm like in 2019.

Woke up to 30 new emails. Who writes emails that early on new year? Ohhh, dependabot! Thanks for thinking of me!

Oops, looks like I wrote a blog post on the extractor pattern in in a reddit comment. I might follow that up with a real post if people are interested.

Hint: When buying online postage from Deutsche Post, make sure to use ALL of unicode in sender address for maximum fun and confusion.

The metro lines in Moscow seemed fast while the monorail and the Aeroexpress seemed to be slower than necessary. But nothing is better than a train that easily goes 130km/h away from Düsseldorf towards Cologne!

I have to say, -15°C in Moscow has not been too bad. I've even enjoyed walking around! So, Sweden, being your worst next year

Measuring the success of a conference: it's the third day of RustRush where I'm still awake at around 2am.

My spelling has degraded slightly since switching from Safari to Firefox. For months, I couldn't say why. I have now enabled the spellchecker in Firefox.

Yes, I'm proud if myself.

edge using chromium 

When I got an Android phone earlier this year, I also switched to Firefox on both Android and macOS. It's not perfect, but still really good. Not sure how to tell people they should give it a try to preserver the open web without starting a discussion I don't want to have, though.

Just release quicli 0.4 in time for 2018. Ah, the pleasure of removing code!

Somehow I find myself with a setup where documentation includes parts of code files so that the files themselves exist as runnable examples somwhere. Again.

Back in Cologne. First order of business: buy Dutch fries to go with jopi dip

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