i LOVE how Ghost In The Shell is so clearly ahead of its time, but it’s also so deeply a product of the 80’s. like wow you dummies thought we would adapt to computers by typing extremely fast with augmented fingers?? no, in the 2010’s we just yell at our smart devices

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this is so sad. alexa, play the matrix theme song

@kimchi Are you kidding? The emacs crowd will be day-1 augmented finger adopters.

@kimchi this reminds me of blade runner and the scene where Deckard tells the computer to zoom in by coordinates, a function so better suited to a touchscreen.

@kimchi would like to fine more anime like that. When everything was hand drawing

@kimchi I too thought it was unrealistic...but that was before computer makers started removing all the ports and making the keyboards worse every year. I’ll be needing the robot hands soon.

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