have you ever had a dream that you, um, you had, your, you-

what is the actual name of that video with the slideshow of some black glasses with that boppin track in the bg

podel is the greatest comedian of our generation

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Everyone simultaneously appearing on twitter when discord goes down

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Dad has dementia. Sometimes he drifts into another world and I feel like I’m losing him. He is never more present, however, than when he plays the piano.

He came to mine today and I asked him to play one of his compositions. He thought he wouldn’t be able to remember it.

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that new IDK track (that came out four weeks ago but i only heard recently) is an earworm, but it's a hard ass track

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Happy pride this is my favorite pride video on the internet

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power snaps out and back on, and somehow manages to absolutely fuck up my data speeds
i despise living here

Accidentally ran a bath without cold water to regulate the heat a little, so now my bath is like Minecraft lava bruh

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Primary School: actually don't know
Secondary School: Game developer
College: Abstract graphical designer or music producer

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Primary: Astronaut/cartoon
Middleschool: no
Secondary School: Radio DJ/IT Manager
College: Director/Actor/Voice Actor

Now: Director/Actor/Voice Actor twitter.com/TheZeis/status/114

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