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i'm in a bit of a creative flunk right now when it comes to nsfw stuff so please send me suggestions and i'll draw ur kinks!

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This is an appreciation post for the human technology of clothing.

The ability of weatherproofing yourself with clothes is a powerful technology we take so often for granted.

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bizarre fellow
of the deep
some may think
you are a creep

with one big eye
you look intense
shooting ink
for your defense

you're often hunted
in ocean safari
your tentacles

you are strangely
beautiful to me
alien cyclops
of the sea

sleep deprivation, mimimi 

my utopia is a world in which i can do all the things and still get enough sleep

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shitpost, drug mention 

am si-sa-sonntag ist i-a-auskatertag

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toxische männlichkeit 

ökonomen und politikwissenschaftler sind die schlimmsten

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toxische männlichkeit 

manche männer schaffen es selbst in ihren essays macho zu klingen

was tut 1 wenn schon komplett fertig aber dann doch spontan die ersten beiden stunden frei

quick!!1! tell me what to draw! (sfw or nsfw idk)

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My greatest weakness is that I absolutely cannot just shut the fuck up.


Shot by with for his “Fauna” series 🍂🥀


spanking, kink 

the accuracy hurts


A very scientific Venn diagram.


image warning: drug use, lewd-ish

this took me a ridiculously long time but heyy it's my first digital :D

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