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ngl I'm really excited about my new product photography props. Being able to stage nice photos makes me more motivated to maybe finally take pics of and list the 2378232 originals I have lying around.


Let me have the frivolous spending power I'll never have irl, Neopets, c'mon.

The last coconut is like 150mil NP and I'm very annoyed.

I'm a reasonably wealthy Neopian, but Not That wealthy, like damn.

Does command line ever stop being terrifying.

It's the boys' (approximate) birthday today. They're five!! Here are some baby pics tho.

I love my cats. We don't deserve cats.

Here's the older aro/ace design as well. I've been informed that the aro flag colors were updated (I didn't vote on this??? Am I registered to vote in gayflagland idk), so I'll prob update this... eventually. But I'm very tired rn.


Feel a little overwhelmed and underqualified lately.

Nap time is dangerous with this guy around. You'll nap forever...

Bedtime doodle gone out of hand from last night. (It's a two-headed dead fawn, if you don't like that stuff.)

My kingdom for Akeboshi harmonica tabs for literally any song other than "Wind."

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Getting to Otakon and back will involve four planes, two layovers (including one that's a mere 30 minutes, so any flight delay would ruin everything), a redeye, and at least one Lyft... Unless the con is somehow amazing, I'm pretty sure this is the last time I'm gonna do it... I'm too tired for this.

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