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Plot twist: It isn't ten Fredericks.

(can I post monstrously tall images on masto let's find out)

Chill out guys, chances are I'm gonna end up with another ten Fredericks.

Anyway I still have no idea what I'm doing on elephant site, but here's a bunch of comics incoming I guess.

Like, I've always posted the full mix of wildly different subject on Twitter and Tumblr, but my IG and FB followers are probably mostly there for the portfolio-worthy things? Maybe??

Is there a point to posting procrastinatey mobile game angst comics there lol.

idk how to reconcile my 'creepy animal stuff' brand with my 'huge fucking weeb' self but what else is new.

web host ramble Show more

web host ramble Show more

I got a fancy hard foam massage ball thingy and it's great, but I'm also like hahahaha how long is it gonna take to work out these knots, not a day!!

I'm very fond of the image of a human approaching a dog-shaped silhouette and then getting close enough to see that it's definitely not a dog and then being eaten. :')

Dog-shaped monsters make a lot of sense because humans mostly like dogs and are friendly towards them. 🤔

My phone has been sending all incoming calls straight to voice mail for months and this has been pretty great, honestly.

I can't believe the ECCC website doesn't have a functioning favicon.

Okay. See you at ECCC I guess. <_>

This whole shitty payment website looks like it rose out of a 1995 grave.

I hate this checkbox??? Like is this just to rub it in that I can't complain about this???

I'm doin' it, but good grief....