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Anyway, my arms have been numb jelly for a few days for whatever reason, but I've gotten a lot of art done anyway.

I didn't actually know what fibromyalgia was until now though. It's cool that the top two 'maybes' on this list are chronic and without cure though. Real cool.

WebMD informs me that it's "Somatic Symptom Disorder" now instead of hypochondria.

I wish getting problems diagnosed wasn't an expensive pain in the ass lol.

A pretty good play on repeat for a week song I guess.

Doing lots of stuff I don't wanna do today and feeling okay. and that seems like a nice thing to tell the void maybe.

Working on a wedding gift commission by a friend for a mutual acquaintance, because there's not enough to be stressed out about.

The Internet was never a safe place, but I guess growing up, I've always treated it as such.

But isolationism is safest now. It's fascinating and terrifying seeing the most benign of opinions leading to character assassination campaigns.

If I only need an online presence for business, then I only need it for business, and maybe the Internet should only get business. There is nothing about my character that anyone needs to know for that.

But I suppose private documentation is a better choice these days, as social toxicity and paranoia grows in virtually every community I've ever been a part of? I dunno. Feel kind of weird about it.

There's tidying an online gallery for tidying's sake, though stuff like purging Twitter feels more like sanitising my online presence as a pre-emptive defensive mechanism, and I don't particularly like that.

I recently put a bunch of old art on deviantart into storage and deleted all pre-2012 tweets from birdsite.

It is a bit weird for me, as someone who has always liked having historic documentation of everything, recordkeeping, etc., and who has spent so long throwing every thought and scrap of output into the public web.

I like that the default ink for this pen isn't Quite waterproof. The small bit of smearing keeps me from needing to have max precision when painting and I've always wanted to be looser with my watercolors.

Gold Seashell Hairpin: "Proof of victory over Legendary Marth." :v

Trying to pass this cursed python deployment onto another dev who theoretically knows what they're doing more than I do. I give them login credentials and they come back with "how do you SSH" and I'm.

This whole thing is cursed.

A classic, of course:

Me: Should we use option A, B, or C?
Client: Yes, those look good.
Me: .....???

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