webdev stress 

webdev stress 

webdev stress 

webdev stress 

webdev stress 

im sorry this masto continues to be me screaming about webdev.

or at least it'd be hilarious if i werent trying to last minute this garbage.

i think current situation is extra hilarious because this client insisted on a stupid custom theme that extended the classic editor with ITS OWN stupid block features and I have to revert to classic editors so I can use these stupid custom blocks to make some updates instead of the gutenberg blocks which break everything.

is this going to be like me installing windows classic on every single OS after XP and then hard-refusing to upgrade to Win10 because there's no classic mode.

some client sites got force-upgraded because their host force-upgraded them and so now im mad rush installing the 'gimme back classic mode' plugins on 3 sites before my flight.

god i fucking hate gutenberg on wordpress.

It just makes me anxious that as much as I don't actually like this overblown, scope-destroying gig, it pays a lot of bills.

I just need to remember that I'm not incompetent for not knowing how to do something that is way, way, way beyond the scope of the original project I was hired for. :/

cat barf 

What if there were like, Internet Amish, who shun all post-2006 Internet developments.

Email, forums, self-hosted websites and blogs, and idk... Dreamwidth (the only decent LJ-clone-era survivor, imo) only.

But that's more circular negativity that doesn't need a platform in the first place, probably.

Mastodon is a good project, but I don't know what to do with this space that's good, ha.

Tired of this dystopia. I don't have the energy to keep up, but also everything I'm busy with seems extra pointless in this grand scheme.

The fact that a majority of hosting companies already prohibit various types of content makes it difficult to do much though, especially since ISPs are likely the next to start limiting content, so even if you find a host that will host your "questionable content," your ISP might still kill your connection.

Social media, advertising, and search engines have crippled many networks of private websites. If the current breakdown pushes more people to create and connect their own private spaces, maybe all the better.

As I knew would happen, limited audience on this platform has just turned it into a useless venting box for me. This is the entire reason I don't have things like a private twitter or whatever. Maybe just time to get rid of all semi-private spaces and consolidate the public ones.

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