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I think I might just keep online commissions closed until at least the end of the year though... right now the ETA for reopening is September, but I'm still so behind on obligations, it's prob for the best I just... keep a full stop on new things for now. idk. This year is passing too quickly and I still feel like I've gotten nothing done since 2015.

mhmhmmm pony con was good. I was really surprised honestly, since last year was such a bust, but this year has recovered to the level of my best year doing Everfree. Weird, but I'll take it.

The downside of sitting with better posture is that I can't sit cross-legged anymore which means the cats don't have a convenient nest in my lap which means Rin in particular is just too big to sit comfortably and this is an absolute tragedy for all involved.

Anyway hey here's another pony I drew.

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I ordered a foot rest and will try to double down on fixing my horrible shitty posture, so we'll see if I can at least stop the chronic pain from getting worse. :v

I'm still behind on a lot of things, but the end of the pile of overdue commitments is sort of in sight... and I guess I feel a little better tackling small health stuff even if it's not actually that much.

BLFC is prob my fav furry con? Even with the down %, it's probably my best grossing one rn (RIP RF) and expenses aren't toooo bad since most flights from Seattle are cheap. And the weather was great last weekend.

I think a large part of the revenue slip was just that I've made like. 4 new prints since last year because everything is terrible and I haven't jumped on any of the bandwagon merch trains that are popular rn. I also actually capped commissions this year and didn't take take-homes, so that didn't help for $ but eh.

Man, BLFC was super fun. I was down 16% from last year and had more expenses this year, but staying on-site this year and being able to relax more not commuting back and forth was really nice. I'm honestly never super social at cons, but I did hang out with more people this year and it was nice.

Here is another pony I drew. Original and prints will be available at Everfree NW and online afterwards.

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Hello, here's a sad pony I drew.

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My dentist does the thing where they don't bill me until they're done squeezing insurance for me, which I honestly appreciate, but sometimes this takes months and I have no idea when the bill will come and that sucks for budgeting lol. :V

I feel like I haven't drawn in like five years. Where did all of April go? How am I still so behind on obligations? Why am I cursed to overcommit to every project ever forever?

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Welcome to my mastodon where I log in once a week to complain about webdev.