"Fun" with cheapo phone. My wife's Moto C is somehow b0rken, it's convinced that there is no free space anywhere. There's a bunch of videos she'd like to rescue, but no way to do it. Android file transfer is no go. FTP is no go. FS is encrypted, ADB is nope. That device can't be rooted (mediatek). Only factory reset and loss of data as options. Very frustrating.
Any ideas?

Hey, I like America, my dog even has American Heartworm!


Seriously, though, the worst treatments (arsenic!) are now over, there is only prednison left for a month and then he can start DOGGOING 110 % again.

Hey, does anyone have a Slimbook Eclipse as linux gaming machine? How's your experience?

Could somebody disable the dark mode of the world, please?

Frankenstein's monster's cat, Schrödinger.

Frankenstein's Cat...

or Schrödinger's Monster?

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