Charlie Hunter & Carter McLean: 2018-04-08 - Nod Hill Brewery; Ridgefield, CT (Complete Show) [4K]

Almost did the Fight Club caustic soda chemical burn today; turns out my nitrile gloves had a hole in them. Luckily the lye was not too strong and I had vinegar handy and got away with only a small lesion and a big scare. 😬

Why do supermarkets think gluten free beer should not be cold? Why do they think it should be treated in any way different from any other beer?

I like my beer cold. I will buy more beer if it's cold. I will never, in any circumstances, buy "normal" beer ever again. Put some gf beer in the fridge and see if it doesn't start to sell better.

Cars are such bullshit. Just when we could finally have some with no noise pollution, the manufacturers HAVE TO add noisemakers.

Yes, I get it, we need to hear them coming at us, but it pisses me off nevertheless. Noise pollution sucks ass. Fuck cars.

Eh, I lost one of the columns here. How do I go back to 4 column view? This looks naked.

I wish I looked funny, so, yo, I could be making money

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