Apocalypse fiction never has protagonists on bicycles, even though bikes are the one mode of transportation that would actually work when infrastructure collapses. Gasoline goes bad after a while. Bikes are silent enough to sneak past zombies / militia, unlike motorcycles. Bikes are easy to fix and to carry over obstacles. They are faster and eat much less than horses.

Can code... but WONT, not for you, you Fortune 500 surveillance capitalist fuckers.

Put a rifle on Trump's tiny grubby hands and send him to Iran.

In 2020 I'm gonna *slap* my fans like the Pope

Dry January is in effect. Fuck Big Alcohol 😎

doggy having a bad time because spaniards do love di bombs :(

anyway, happy new year, fedskies!

My favorite bug today:
In a mapping software, trying to name an island "New Island" produces error "A feature can not have a default name".

Yeah, so take that, Falkland Islands! Name your stupid New Island something else.

Or maybe just stop making craptastic software.

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