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you, a skeptic: magic isn’t real. my phone works by circuits
me, a developer: the internet is a massive anarchic divination ritual and someday the titans who permit magic will change their minds

I woke up at 7:25am today, and freak out about sleeping through my alarms and being late for work... It’s a Saturday, no work.

Anyone know of any easy way to search hashtags outside of what’s federated?

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Opened store again with some preorders for clear washi tape and some square postcards..! RTs would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much! ☆

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Sometimes, when I want to undo sweeping code changes and not the commit, I just change the method name so that the ones I want to remove show up as errors.

My message to beginning programmers: It’s not too late, you can save yourself still.

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sometimes my body makes the posts before i even understand what they mean

"writing this integration will be easy and quick"

Rest of the app gets broken on Merge Monday. Gotta fix that while creating new integration...

Is it intentional that the naming for KeePass also spells out Keep Ass?

Got some velour pads for my Superlux HD 668B's at work... Might have get another set for my headphones at home- I'm converted.

Odroid XU4 should be coming in on Friday

No one wants to hear me talk about programmer stuff, so here's what you came for: Astray Red Frame

Got up and running again, this time with debian and caddy/hugo. Not sure what oblierated networking on my CentOS install, though. :shrug:

Specifically a mobile mesh, where instances come and go

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