@kirschner Und natürlich die Anwendung nicht nur auf Leute in den US, das gilt hier für die Corona-Leugner:innen, afdler:innen und andere Faschistoide genauso.


Text in comic strip:

"PSA: The right to free speech means the gov't can't arrest you for what you say. It doesn't mean that anyone else has to listen to your bullshit. Or host you while you share it. The 1st ammendment doesn't shield you from criticism or consequences. If you get yelled at, boycotted, cancelled, or banned, your free speech rights aren't being violated. It's just that the people listening think you're an asshole and they're showing you the door".

@kirschner If you're talking legally, then yes maybe, but this is actually a problem that goes against the original intention of "Freedom of Speech". If nobody is even able to listen because you are prohibited from speaking in a public area, then the spirit of FoS is attacked.

Twitter is the public arena for FoS in the 21st century, just as newspapers and magazines was the public arena for FoS in the 20th century, or TV and radio in the 21st.

@amici @kirschner

Seriously, Social media is no replacement for valid and "real" news.

Twitter: Everyone can tell everything. Generally there is no one who checks if there is any sign of truth inside of a tweet and this leads to populism very quickly. People click at tweets which lead to anger, disagreement and rejection with pleasure.

Traditional newspapers: Journalists work here. Their job is to check the truth and THEN the news is published. This is the idea.

@Herbstfreud @kirschner You say this as if journalists don't make propaganda, or cover up for whatever "side" they choose to be on.

Everyone can lie when it's convenient, or they're scared. On Twitter one has the opportunity to see the digital prints of real people. You can be tricked there to for numerous reasons, but seeing Trump's tweets is more real than the packaging that many journalists will do. Even when Trump lies, at least you're able to see the lie yourself.

@kirschner Maybe that makes more sense for a time when internet communities were small and it wasn't such a big deal if you were banned from one. Nowadays if you are banned from Twitter, that's millions of people that you are no longer able to communicate with. People that might have been okay with what you had to say.
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