Does anyone has a good solution under to always disable a certain microphone? (I never use the external webcam's mic, but when I connect the webcam it is always used by default.) Thanks for pointers.

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@kirschner You can run a script when you plug in a certain device using a udev rule. Then you can create a script to tell pulseaudio (or alsa or whatever you're using) to disable the mic or to set your internal mic as the default.

@macxcool @kirschner

Not sure if it's persistant setting, but:

I believe :

$pacmd list-sources

aught to list your webcam mic with a given index number.

$ pacmd set-source-mute <index>

aught to effectively mute it.

@duckhp @kirschner The problem with just muting it is that it may be still set as the default, so all you'll get is the default mic muted.

@macxcool @kirschner

Even when using the proper index number given by pacmd list-sources? If that's the case, and the index numbers are not somewhat static to an input/source device in any way, i guess you might be correct.

@macxcool @kirschner

Might it be possible, instead of index number, to use a device's "long name" ? e.g:

$ pacmd set-source-mute alsa_input.usb-C-Media_Electronics_Inc._USB_Audio_Device-00.mono-fallback


@kirschner try pavucontrol > input Devices
You can mute and/or set as default.

@kirschner If you are using Pulseaudio, you can change the device's profile to "Off". This works across unplugs for me. (See screenshot from pavucontrol.)

@nwalfield That worked, thanks a lot -- also to all the others for the suggestions.

Before posting I found the solution also described by @gchaincl but that did not survive reconnects of the webcam like the solution in the "Configuration" tab.

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