@kirschner @debian @elementary @gentoo @manjarolinux @mxlinux @opensuse @tails @ubuntu You know most of the Linux users lost credibility in the Free Software Foundation?
have you ever thought it is just a matter of time for some distros to go their own way?
do you know the popularity of OpenBSD increased by 200% since the CoC problem and Microsoft donating the most money to your foundation?
I just want to know if you people are *aware* of this.
@anokasion @kirschner those idiots give presentations about linux while using a mac

@anokasion @manjarolinux @gentoo @opensuse @tails @debian @elementary @mxlinux @ubuntu

Not aware that any of the projects get "most money" from Microsoft, would be interested in sources.

Of course you should also thank contributors of and other operating systems. Have done so in the past and will do so again.

But I cannot thank everyone at the same time, and I always forget or do not have to time to thank many contributors each

@anokasion not sure what CoC problem you refer to. Our CoC team handled many cases with create care in the past. See fsfe.org/about/codeofconduct



Doesn't that look like #SoftwareFreedom and #OpenSource ? Since those hashtag seems to be a match, it might be worth adding #openbsd to your recognition list.
(And probably all *BSD)

#openssh + #Linux == #BSD Love! Don't be shy, it's 2021! directory.fsf.org/wiki/OpenSSH

@clematis Not sure if I understand you. ICS is a license gnu.org/licenses/license-list. and others + myself have thanked contributors of various BSDs in the past, and I have it on my list for today again to thank a few of them.

I can just encourage you to also thank a few other contributors today.

@kirschner No worries. It's just the way I read your initial toot felt like you were missing out an important chunk. (The *BSD ones). But if it was on your list I should have just been more patient. And I can't agree more that we should all be thankful to all of those that give us this freedom to choose whatever we want and work for us.

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