Doesn't that look like #SoftwareFreedom and #OpenSource ? Since those hashtag seems to be a match, it might be worth adding #openbsd to your recognition list.
(And probably all *BSD)

#openssh + #Linux == #BSD Love! Don't be shy, it's 2021! directory.fsf.org/wiki/OpenSSH


@clematis Not sure if I understand you. ICS is a license gnu.org/licenses/license-list. and others + myself have thanked contributors of various BSDs in the past, and I have it on my list for today again to thank a few of them.

I can just encourage you to also thank a few other contributors today.

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@kirschner No worries. It's just the way I read your initial toot felt like you were missing out an important chunk. (The *BSD ones). But if it was on your list I should have just been more patient. And I can't agree more that we should all be thankful to all of those that give us this freedom to choose whatever we want and work for us.

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