Habe die Hoffnung, dass mehr Menschen beim Lesen von " gefährliches Schweigen" verstehen, warum Software Monokulturen und proprietäre Software ein Problem für Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft darstellen

@kirschner thanks @adele it was my first use case for your nice #gemini proxy. it made it readable for me ;) gemini://

@kirschner I'm involved in the Incident Response for the customers of a big German System House. Almost every customer had at least suspicious connections to their Exchange servers, but figuring what was done afterwards is difficult and time consuming.
We have customers that had to rollout a completely new infrastructure.
All of them struggle to decide whether they should isolate their E-mail servers and thus not be able to work, or if they take the risk of being compromised...

@kirschner ...even after patching we can't tell for sure if there's a backdoor left behind. As there are many attackers and lots of possibilities, the variety of the payloads and malicious behavior is high.

Microsoft should have reacted quicker. But to be honest, the customers non-existent security measurements (despite AV) is now falling into pieces. They're now starting to segment the networks and cut access. But that's what should have been done before.

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