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Nazis at Detroit pride 


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Feels, polyamory, internalized ableism 

Feels, polyamory 

Bemoaning chronic illness, mast cells can kiss my butt 

I had a really great appt today with pain management.

That doesn't mean I'm not ready to throw my spine and pelvis in the trash.

[three pics showing a spine model on a table, then me holding it over the garbage, and then finally it sitting in the garbage]

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DS9 dialogue 

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Fundraiser, suicide 

Y'all, I had to get the rest of the Dahmer story away from my queer heart as soon as possible.

Enjoy 2 hours of me yapping at ya about horrible things!

NZ attack 

NZ attack 

(And fuck your feminism if it isn’t intersectional)
(And fuck your feminism if it isn’t intersectional)
(And fuck your feminism if it isn’t intersection-section-al)


FB post from Felix Felicis: I am the very model of a modern queer millennial
Maligned by baby boomers and my brother’s a centennial
My lip is pierced, my skin tattooed, my hair cut’s asymmetrical,
I’ve never changed a tire but I’m a whiz at things electrical
I can list the industries I’ve killed in order alphabetical
I’m rather fond of Marx but only in the theoretical
My gender is a mystery, and libido’s bidirectional
Annnnnd fuck your feminism if it isn’t intersectional


Interview postponed and it's stormy out, so it's time to be a goofball before my body freezes up and/or my call gets rescheduled

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I'm working on a presentation around how to make clinic spaces more accessible for patients, from intake forms to continued care.

Is there anything you see happening in clinics that make things inaccessible for you?

This doesn't have to be limited to illness, but can include anything from the waiting or exam rooms being comfy to transport to not being LGBTQ+ friendly to anything else.

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