FB post from Felix Felicis: I am the very model of a modern queer millennial
Maligned by baby boomers and my brother’s a centennial
My lip is pierced, my skin tattooed, my hair cut’s asymmetrical,
I’ve never changed a tire but I’m a whiz at things electrical
I can list the industries I’ve killed in order alphabetical
I’m rather fond of Marx but only in the theoretical
My gender is a mystery, and libido’s bidirectional
Annnnnd fuck your feminism if it isn’t intersectional


(And fuck your feminism if it isn’t intersectional)
(And fuck your feminism if it isn’t intersectional)
(And fuck your feminism if it isn’t intersection-section-al)


@ajroach42 OMG Colbert is three layers deeper in Tolkien nerdery than I realized. ❤

@kirstenschultz Thanks for making a caption.

In case you don't know, @OCRbot is a thing, thanks to @lynnesbian, and it's good for easily captioning things.

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@KARiley40 I wish I could say it's mine, but I'm just that FB to mastodon messenger.

It's been stuck in my head all morning!


okay but I want is as a matter of public record that I *could* change a tire, but that I'd perfer not to.

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