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A couple nights ago, about 2 a.m., once we've turned off the lights and are in bed and everything:

(At the same time)
Him (๐Ÿ˜˜): Hey sweetieโ€”
Me (๐Ÿคจ): Heyโ€”

Him: What were you going to say?

Me (๐Ÿ˜…): Oh no, you first, I'm curious.

Him: 'I love you.'

Me (๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ): 'Be honest, would you bang a murloc?'

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I honestly don't care if it looks like I'm unfriendly or not with the times, I use "proper" capitalization and punctuation because when I was being moody circa 2003 I would go to zero on both as a clear sign that I was upset. That stylistic choice doesn't just fade away with time. It haunts a person.

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and : a refugee of the impending Tumblr user apocalypse, I'm all about a bunch of fandoms: , , /#MCU, , , and dozens of incidental smaller ones. I'm also big on , , , and laughing at memes. (I may need reminders about using camel case on hashtags because I'm used to Tumblr/Twitter but looking forward to yelling with fellow fans.)

We've taken two great things and made them even better 

From the makers of ourorboros and the aurora borealis we bring you

Auroboroalisโ„ข: The Northern Lights That Can't Stop Devouring Itselfยฎ

a computer can never be held accountable

therefore a computer must never make a management decision

(IBM, 1979 slide)

Stayed up late(-ish) reading and actually had that thing where I got too tired to parse words when sleepiness set in. I can't even remember the last time that happened.

The engineers were gently teasing me about my disinterest in The Witcher.

So I reminded Junior Engineer that we aren't even three weeks into 2022 and I've spent over 2/3 of that time unable to think about anything besides my latest obsession, since he's familiar with the show haunting me.

And Senior Engineer looked taken aback at the ferocity of me getting hung up on something at random. I explain over and over but most people really don't get it.

introducing: the brand new start menu! now, with the added power of our brand new IP candy crush, to launch a program you must match 3 of the same icon c: good luck!

Oooh, this is interesting. Usually I see the slang meaning of "spicy" as equivalent to "adult content."

But tonight I have seen librarians described as spicy when you try to censor books. So I guess it's slang for "really fucking pissed and ready to ream you out." Language sure is fascinating.

Usually the popularity of a fic is inversely proportional to my interest in it, given that I am generally possessed of opinions that are described by other fans as heretical, but uhhh. Damn. I sorted some results by bookmarks today in this New To Me Fandom and everything on the first page looks enticing.

or rather โ€”

I have progressed to the "watching other shows and taking notes on worldbuilding" part of my madness.

Today's wacky playful language usage sighting:

Jesi, as in plural Jesuses

From Twitter, about Wordle score postings: no one listened to screen reader users about the "red flag" tweets, so now we have to listen to Wordle tweets, which are a bunch of "black star black star black star" nonsense.

โ€œAnd what are you experiencing that makes you so Elmo? *gasp* You're an Elmo Kid!โ€

Although if I see another instance of โ€œdeadpans/deadpannedโ€ as a speech tag, I might throw something. Feels like I walked away from a fantastic water park to belly-flop into a kiddie pool on some of these works.

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Falling into the fic posting side of a new-to-you fandom can be such a wild ride. Why do they refer to the characters the way they do? What's with the plague of epithets? I don't remember some of these details from canon, so is it just widely-accepted fanon?

Talking to Junior Engineer about watching a cartoon yesterday:

Me: โ€œThere's an episode where Mark Hamill voices a villain and I'm so excited to see it.โ€

Him: โ€œDoes he ever play a hero in anything?โ€

Me: โ€œโ€ฆStar Wars?โ€

(It's extra funny given how often we talk about Star Wars.)

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