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Finally going all-in on TDD, and I've gotta say...

I feel like it's not unlikely we'll end up with neural networks being trained to operate on our datastores in response to our requests, in ways that match testing parameters.

Surely the end-game is higher level programming being eliminated in favour of training neural networks on what to do.

I mean, that's basically what I'm doing by matching all of these tests.

This hints that communialism might just be onto something...

Our councils want us to do something about recycling, while Canberra sits idly by and refuses to invest in national infrastructure.

Even with just this and councils being behind the pushes for fossil-free and

I'm quite anxious about the anti-China rhetoric coming from Canberra.

I really don't understand why they prioritise the US, when China is both closer to us, and more economically important.

Cutting ourselves off from the US would be brave. Cutting ourselves off from China would be foolish.

Am I missing something apart from rich white people furthering imperialism and whiteness?

"The acting prime minister, Michael McCormack, has said he has no view “one way or another” on gay conversion therapy in his first major speech as Nationals leader."

Our *deputy PM*, people. "Marriage equality" fixed everything though, right???

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« Boomers: "Millennials can't afford property because they waste all their money on frivolous things like food, entertainment, clothing and..."

Millennials: *ahem* »

— Retweet

"Your privacy is disappearing because it is profitable for it to disappear, just as it is profitable to dig fossil fuels out of the ground or to deny health care to millions of Americans. A small number of people get very rich, while everybody else suffers the personal, social, and ecological consequences."

Socialism has always been the answer

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Liberalism Show more

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"There would be nothing wrong with a group called KKK for the voiceless, it would just be bad marketing."

I can not believe I seriously heard this shit.

are effectively a hate group and white need to stop being so fucking blind and single-issue.

If you support animal rights, but don't support women, PoC, LGBTQI, differently abled people, and anyone else society shits on, you need to have a fucking good talking to

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"In our analysis, we found that even if Intel gave us the chips for free, it would still make sense to switch to ARM, because the power efficiency is so much better."

Good riddance to bad rubbish

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Repeat after me:

To be straight is to be political.
To be cis is to be political.
To be male is to be political.
To be white is to be political.

Every identity is political.
Only the privileged identities are labeled apolitical by society - but that doesn't mean that they are.
Everyone's identity is political.

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hot take but i wager that a significant part of why FOSS isnt more widely used by the average person when it comes to things like social media has a lot to do with programmer culture.

"Fuchsia is not Linux"

Love the homage to , but in terms of the result, given how 's going... Here's hoping there'll at least be a equivalent to vanilla for mainstream devices, but google's ethos seems effectively antithetical to GNU ( & )

Freaking cool seeing a mainstream microkernel-based being born before our eyes though.

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nazis Show more

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( ) seems to make a lot of sense.

Especially wrt removing control from corporations and vested political interests.

One thing I'm not quite sure about is how it scales and ensures environmental/social good.

What is stopping communities/cities from being dominated by popular and damaging rhetoric like climate denialism, that actively harms all people on the planet?